effectiveness of whey isolate PWO truth

  1. effectiveness of whey isolate PWO truth

    Hey Guys,

    I wanna thank you all for taking a look at this post, as it is my first on AnabolicMinds as well as any fitness forum on the net. I trust you all to be more experienced in unconventional ideas and theories more so than the other communities on the net, so thanks again. My question is regarding whey isolate versus whole foods, excluding carbohydrate sources (to rule out insulin effects), in the anabolic post workout window. We all know whey isolate is needed because of its quick absorbing nature. My question is: where are the studies that show this? How do we even know that whey powder is really protein and not powdered ice cream? Protein is a big deal in the community and a standard, yet nobody has ever examined this, as far as i know, in a comprehensive and conclusive manner. Convince me that protein does what it claims to do.

    Marudeen Aivaz

  2. well there is a ton of research, go on nutrition and metabolism journal and there are plenty of whey studies. they do blood tests pre/during/post workouts to determine nitrogen balance, etc. there are also bioavailability tests that show how whey is a 100 on the scale of 100. anyway, nutrition and metabolism journal is the place to look.

  3. thanks bro...any more input would also be welcome.

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