help with recomp diet while at school?

  1. help with recomp diet while at school?

    ok, first off, its pretty much impossible for me to tell what the macros are of all the foods i eat at school and I HAVE to be on a meal plan for the rest of the semester since I already paid (off next semester, sooo excited!!!)

    anyway, i'm doing a recomp with h-drol starting next week and I really need to figure out how to tell the macros in the foods I eat. Sometimes they will have nutritional info, but even that doesn't help too much because I always try to get the healthier options. How does everyone deal with a meal plan? also, what are some CHEAP good foods I can get to either microwave or just eat while in my dorm room. Its hard while on this meal plan, just wanting to know any advice!

  2. Canned wild red salmon, and eggs.

    Just eat lots of meat.

  3. they said on my anabolics thread that i should be able to stay around the same weight or a couple pounds more if i eat a couple hundred over maintenance i should be able to shed a couple percent body fat in the mean time. this is my first ph cycle so i'm not sure how my body will react to it yet, in the past i've just done good old bulk and cut cycles. so i guess i want to tone down and get some abs back without losing much muscle, if any.

    I'm thinking three protein shakes a day, one with a mac and cheese (to add some carbs) Breakfast will be an omelet with onion, spinach, and ham and a glass of choco milk
    lunch will be a grilled (im guessing about 5-6oz) chicken on white bun and an apple
    dinner grilled chicken, no bun this time and an apple or pear- dont have much choice for sides besides cookies lol
    i eat every three hours. i just dont know how many calories this will be...or the macros exactly. i figure this will be a good ratio, aiming for

  4. You don't have the discipline to plan your meals but you're gonna start fidgeting with your hormones? This really doesn't make any sense.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Bionic View Post
    You don't have the discipline to plan your meals but you're gonna start fidgeting with your hormones? This really doesn't make any sense.
    X2.. Its not hard to eat well... Get your diet right, the rest will come SO much easier after that..

  6. i do have the disciplin, i was just wanting some advice on making a new plan with my meal plan. all summer i ate according to a diet plan and looked great with my bulking! i came on here for advice, not to be be told im not disciplined enough, because i am.

    what are some ways to tell how much macros are in everything at school? should i get a scale like i had this summer and just guess that there isn't too much sh** put into the chicken here?

  7. Use your hand as a guide... Its not the best but hey use what you have to work with... Eat nothing more than the size of your hand fpr pro and carbs... Eat all the veggies you want... Put a quick drizzle of EVO on your veggies and i would almost put money on it that you have nearly the perfect amount of food for you..

  8. thanks for the tip! i'll try that!

  9. I still think its too early for PH you want to have diet completely dialed in when running a PH your risking so much even with a mild PH like H-drol that if your diets not spot on your losing results and just causing unwanted stress on the body. Your 6'4 192 you should be able to get to 225 easily without a PH unless your like 5% bodyfat. Seeing how you said your in school and on a meal plan but only this semester it seems to me your a freshman which is another reason to wait your probally 18 or 19 from my guess which is way to early for PH's. I may be completley off but thats what i took away from what you've said.

  10. im actually 22, just ended up living in dorms again for this semester then out next. at my school if you live in the dorms you have to have a meal plan...

    and i think i've figured out my diet now. counting it on fitday and keeping good ratios. I am still just guessing on how much fat a couple of the items have, but i put it on the high side. no more chips, pizza, cookies, drinking at all for me

    i am still not liking canned salmon, but i am getting a good amount of tuna in. I switched from eating omletts in the morning because of how much fat they use at school to eating the scrambled eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast or oatmeal for breakfast. I've changed just about everything i put into my body for the good!

    my roommate just ordered a papa john's pizza, which is always my weakness, but i'm now able to say "no i don't want that crap in my body" I figure after week two, i'll give myself a cheat meal every friday or saturday night were i can go out do dinner or something, but still be cautious of what i eat.


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