Is a slow transition from cut to bulk good?

  1. Is a slow transition from cut to bulk good?

    I have been cutting for 2.5 months now 5 weeks out of that cut where on anabolics (epi 11 oxo) I am absolutely sick of cutting cut from 224 down to about 209 kept all my strenght so its been a success.

    This is the question

    I am consuming about 200g carb, 250-270 g protien and about 85-90 g healthy fats. With cardio 6 days a week( on the anabolic) I cut that in half now that im in my pct

    Should I slowly up my calories in carbs and protein or just jack it up?

    I was thinking like 50 g increase in carbs for like 4-5 days and repeat till I get to desired carb range (300-350)

    Protein I will prob just up to 300 as my body is hyper sensitive to carbs

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Thank You
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. I would say slowly jack up the calories. Don't want to gain a whole lot of fat along the way. You worked too hard on your cut.

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