My beginner diet! let me know

  1. My beginner diet! let me know

    Breakfast: Jimmy Deans 1/3 fat breakfast sandwhich Has 9g fat 19grams protein. I eat this with 2 slices wheat bread and a glass of milk

    Snack: animial protein bar (bought 3 boxes for 25)

    lunch: about 6-8oz chicken breast with green veggies protein shake with milk

    Snack: About half a cup of almonds

    Dinner: steak and eggs on workout days with a sweet pototao or veggies.

    Post i scoop Whey, milk, blueberries, 2tb PB. 5 grams creatine.

    Before bed: casien shake.

    Before workout: 1 bannana

    Stats 175 5'10" abotu 14% fat. I workout 3 day split. I am trying to gain weight bulk up with not getting any fatter then i am now hahah how does this diet sound? I am on hghup,protein,and bulk mono creantine. Also should I use my creatine in the post workout or switch it before workout?

  2. no one?

  3. What is the total cals that you're taking in per day? It's hard to judge without the numbers.

    Once you have them, you can strive to eat 500-1000 cals over maintenence. Move your cals up or down within this range to see what works best for you.

    They are fine for now, but once you're finish with them ditch the animal snaks and switch to zero impact bars. It has a much better nutrient profile (less sugar, more healthy fats). The pumpkin spice tastes best imo.

    Before or after is fine with the creatine if you are taking it on off days as well. I take it only on workout days, so 1/2 hr pre-wo is what I do.

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