Eating raw egg whites out of the carton?

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    Hey guys im starting to come up with some new ideas to getting more protein into my diet. I just started adding egg whites into my diet and i CANNOT stand how bland they taste when i cook them.... So my question is can i just pour some egg whites into my protien shake and drink them down? I know the risk of salmonella, but isnt that why you buy pasturized??

    Only 1 in 30,000 eggs contains salmonella, according to the Agriculture Department (outdated) report......But i dont know if that mean my egg white out of the carton?

    I do it all the time, bulking or cutting... Been doing it for over 8 months now and haven't gotten sick yet.


  2. Egg whites taste fine straight up fried in butter, with salt on them. Lots of salt.

  3. I find them to be a little to bland for my taste. Ill stick to egg whites in my shake and wholes eggs for my breakfast meal....

  4. make sure to not overeat egg whites, something like 20+ a day can cause a biotin deficiency


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