Hyperextended elbow

  1. Hyperextended elbow

    Wednesday I was playing football and landed on my elbow in an akward way and the doctors later on diagnosed it as a hyperextended elbow. I tried to lift today but did 1 rep on bench and it cracked/popped so I decided that might not be a good idea. I was wondering what should I do to try to speed the recovery process and if anyone has had this injury, maybe a timetable for return to the weight room? I iced it the first few days and am now alternating heat and ice...

  2. First off....OUCH! That sounds like it smarts and if you did hyperextend it you definitely have balls to attempt working out.

    I wouldn't put any unnecessary stress on the elbow for a couple weeks. Prop it up on a pillow while you sleep. Take your multivitamins.

    I broke my thumb not too long ago and tried to push through and continue working out. In hindsight if I had just taken 2 weeks off it would've healed quicker and I probably would be able to attack the weights with renewed attitude.

    just my 2cc's

  3. Oh, glucosamine chondroitin msm may help you as well. Many people take it as a lubrication for joints/arthritis.

  4. Definately rest, a good diet? Maybe instead of benching try doing the pec fly machine but have the handles rest on your biceps instead of gripping them? Theres ways to get around it..

  5. Thanks a lot for your input guys. I appreciate it..



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