i have just in the past 4-5 months really started watching my diet and i have notice when i eat right and stay away from the garbage i crave food all day long, but if i do eat more on the simple carb side i dont get as hungry as often. can any one tell me why this is?

  2. i think simple carbs spike the blood sugar more and also take longer to digest

  3. actually complex carbs(good carbs) take longer to digest and give a gradual steady shot of energy through out the day and simple carbs (bad carbs) are the ones you that act fast like say a candy bar-a quick bost of energy.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AntonG42O View Post
    i think simple carbs spike the blood sugar more


    and also take longer to digest

    the lower the glycemic index rating of the carb the slower the absorbtion rate.

  5. As everyone said, good carbs are those that can get you through the day without making you crave for sweets and such. They can definitely keep you feeling full for the whole day. That's good for you.

  6. I do love eating every 2-3 hours. Nice stable energy the whole day plus the absence of insulin spikes kills any cravings I get whatsoever for junk food.

  7. I have found when I get good protein in my diet I am not as hungry there for I eat smaller meals. But I stll try to eat every 2-3 hours. I relieve myself more as well... Yeah TMI...

  8. The reason that you get hungry when you eat clean whole foods instead of crap is because whole foods are less calorie dense and we tend to judge how much to eat by the volume of food. This is why it is important to track your calorie intake if you are serious about your goals.


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