My shoulder hit a blow!

  1. My shoulder hit a blow!

    Ok so im hittin the bench feelin good hitting a 4th set which I seem to have no problem doing..then the typical needle pain shoots into my shoulder and I see that it just went out on me. I bought some Glucosamine, Chondroiten (however u spell it) and MSM from walmart and havebeen takin a servin durin the day and during the night before still SUCKS but is getttin a lil better..

    Heres my question: I noticed that other than my shoulder, my elbows seem to be weaking as well during tri pull downs. I take alot of protein ~200g more/less everyday and was wondering if that was interfering with the absorption of my calcium and Joint Supplemnt? I know excess protein will interfere to a certain point but to what extent? ALso, does Calcium have anything in relation to my joints?

    Thanks guys, yall are my only hope!

  2. Hard training takes its toll on the joints. Thats probably what you are feeling. You might want to take a few off days in a row (or focus on lower body and cardio). I know for me if I'm hurt in one part of the body the rest of the parts work harder and thus are at higher risk of injury. So the shoulder injury you have now may be affecting your elbow. Ice helps me too (I ice both knees almost every night). Good luck bro.

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