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    I recently went on a road trip with a group of people that took a about 3 days. the only food stops we made were at fast food restaurants. i wasn't sure if i should eat the crappy fast food or just go hungry. i had a couple granola bars a day but mostly stuck to water and a couple oranges or apples we had in the cars, and usually at night we would eat at a decent restaurant. did i make the right choice?

  2. 3 days of cheat foods is going to have very little effect to your physique. It's actually beneficial to deviate from time to time.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. I totally feel you on this one. You can order junk food and make it slightly healthier by doing things like take the burger or grilled chicken off the bun or take the skin off fried chicken. Avoid the fried stuff like fries and go diet for cokes. Basicaly when surviving on fast food try to limit your fat and carb intake as much as possible and get all the protein you can because the carbs and fat are laden in those foods and you will get more than enough. Also at gas stations I usually stock up on protein bars and G2 gatorades as well as a Fiber One to keep things moving.

  4. no calories=no gains

    sometimes its better to eat crap then to go hungry.

    If you are really concerned with losing ur gains then do what raptor said.

    The fat in the burger can keep ur test levels stable so having that once a day just the meat wont kill you. The grilled chicken/veggies are good. Sometimes McDonalds have some pretty tight salads just i wouldnt eat the chicken they put in trade it for the chicken in a grilled chicken sandwhich.

    Also the new KFC grilled chicken is good for you and quite tasty

  5. I can tell you from experience, going on spring break for a week eating **** food and drinking all day/night, 3 days of anything will not have significant changes on your physique. Yeah after 9 days in Cancun binge drinking each day I gained a small amount of fat, but I was totally back in gear within 4 weeks. Eat up



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