Food Reaction's

  1. Food Reaction's

    My problem with food is that after every full meal, breakfast-lunch-dinner, I get extremely tired to the point of needing a nap after those meals. Another interesting effect is that on top of being tired and napping I feel tingles all over my body. Feel exactly like it feels when your leg falls asleep, heavy and numb. This has been a problem all my life but I have just learned to deal with it, but now I am learning more and realize I dont have to live like this. Now I have never been allergic to any particular food nor had any bad reactions. The meals I eat to get these reactions can be from extremely healthy meals to Fast Food, big meals too small meals, same reactions. Never have been told I am pre-diabetic or anything that would suggest I would react like this to eating. Anyone deal with this or have any insight. I see my doc on Thursday and will be grilling him for answers, but wanted to come in with some good thoughts.


  2. You might be allergic to a common ingredient found in most everything you consume. I would talk to a medical professional about the tingles. As far as being lethargic after consumption, try eating less each meal so that the majority of your blood circulating isn't rerouted to your digestive viscera.

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