just curious...

  1. just curious...

    How many people around here eat quinoa?? I had read some stuff about it and when I went to a local grocery store they had two choices, one was $5 per pound and the other was $9 per pound. I got the $5 one, but I found a site that has NOW quinoa for like $2.50 per pound that I want to order from. Well yesterday I cooked up a serving post workout and I loved this stuff. I would compare it to a mix between oatmeal and rice. It was really good and if you haven't tried it I would recommend that you give it a shot if you can. Let me know how it goes!!!

  2. I have taste it before. It was very nutty, not bad, but not my favorite either. I should give it another try!

  3. I think quinoa has a better profile than rice also if I am not mistaken.

  4. yeah ive had it before my girlfriends mom cooks qith it a lot i think its really good and s said before a good rice substitute i havnt looked at its nutritional values though. $9 a pound seems very overpriced.

  5. Its a great choice for replacing rice in dishes.



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