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  1. Reeses's Puffs, Frosted Mini Wheat (the strawberry ones too), Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Squares (the wal-mart kind haha!), hell, whatever I get the craving for when I'm on the cereal aisle really. Used to eat it more often, but now it's usually just a treat or for before bed when dinner didn't fill me up.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Santa89 View Post
    Can cereal be a big no no? I never went for eating eggs in the morning my breakfast always consisted of cereal before working out. =[

    I usually ate Special K. That's what I had today
    uhmm special K and Raisin bran crunch have high fructose corn syrup?

    wtf is up with that?

    oh and LIFE CEREAL FTW

  3. There is honestly very little good about breakfast 90% of breakfast cereals health and physique wise.

    Oatmeal FTW
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  4. I use it on refeed days. Imma prolly do oatmeal rest of nite wen life cereal box is gone

  5. Hemp cereal mmm

  6. jim623
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    Cat food, well it looks like cat food anyway, Craklin oat brand.
    Also, GV brand flakes, and wheat chex. I mostly eat these ust before bed though not breakfast.

  7. umm i usually have regular corn flakes, instead of milk i just make a light vanilla protein shake and mix it with the cereal, it tastes great. I also happen to be very fond of frosted flakes and fruity pebbles lol

  8. Quote Originally Posted by BabyHulk View Post
    When I do eat cereal it's usually raisan bran, or maybe some wheaties gold. If I'm splurging it's cookie crisp, lucky charms, or fruity pebbles b*tches!!!
    I almost forgot COOKIE CRISP!! man half a box of that and some Pslin or Anabolic pump go when I feel like really grubbin!

  9. WHen i was bulking, i would eat Frosted flakes with raw oats on top several times a day and mix in Condensed milk or half & half. my good.

    I eat a bowl of Lucky charms post workout now. W/out the condensed milk of course.

  10. the issue with dry boxed extruded cereals like cheerios is the extrusion process. The process in which the cereal is formed/shaped. You know those nice little "O's" , "squares" whatever.. This process utilizes high heat and high pressure - damages the proteins and fatty acids. Dry boxed cereals are like margarine and trans fats; highly processed with adverse metabolic effects. Fresh eggs are a better breakfast - complete protein, and packed with nutrition.

  11. another bit I read on "TN"...

    "Most Breakfast Cereals — To us, cold breakfast cereals, even many of the brands touted as "healthy," are pure physique killers. Cereal is breakfast candy, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, corn flakes have a GI rating even worse than white bread! And how about these cereals that give you "energy", like Grape Nuts? Yep, at 47 carbs per teeny tiny serving (and what bodybuilder would eat one serving anyway?), most people would be in an insulin-induced coma by lunch.

    Here’s a piece of trivia for you. John Harvey Kellogg, the founder of Kellogg’s cereal, invented Corn Flakes to reduce sexual desire and curb the "epidemic" of masturbation. Besides "castrating" people with ****ty, high-carb breakfast foods, Kellogg also recommended that small boys (not infants) be circumcised without anesthetic so they would forever associate the penis with pain. He also thought that women should have their clitorises treated with carbolic acid to prevent what he called "abnormal excitement." As a side note, Sylvester Graham invented the Graham Cracker believing it would also diminish male sexual desire.

    Now tell me, do you really want to eat a food designed to make you a Testosterone-free eunuch?

    All that said, there are a couple of good cereals out there, but not many. All Bran and Fiber One make decent oatmeal replacements, just eat some protein with them. All Bran Extra Fiber only has 50 calories a serving and 13 grams of fiber, almost four times as much as oatmeal!"
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    ^^^I'd be careful with the old fibre, whilst it's great for digestive health, there is some evidence to show that it can negatively affect testosterone levels especially if not enough total and saturated fat is consumed in the diet.

    Moderate fibre intake (~40g NSP/day) is more than enough.

    I have to agree though on your point regarding poor breakfast cereals. I prefer making my own 'cold' cereals (ie. muesli) but I find them to be very unsatisfying in terms of hunger control, a bowl of hot porridge seems to sit in my stomach like a brick and keep my hunger at bay.

    Porridge + whey forever! The breakfast of kings


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