Diet plan that worked GREAT for 2 friends but...?

  1. Question Diet plan that worked GREAT for 2 friends but...?

    hey... janet here.. I'm 5'8 about 220 lbs.. and ive been trying real hard to lose weight now for almost 8 months... i just had a baby girl a little over a year ago.. and during my pregnancy i gained a tonnnn of weight and much of it stuck with me after she was born, and since then the hubby has been bothering me non stop about my new weight problem... so after a few months of that, it really started getting to me so i decided to try and do something about it... ive tried almost every diet plan out there... south beach, atkins, slimfast, weight watchers, etc... and nothing so far has really worked well for me.... But ive recently come across this diet that a couple of my girlfriends put me onto that said worked amazing for them like nothing else has.... so i checked it out, it looks really good and they have a full money back guarentee.. and im thinking about signing up for it.. but i first wanted to get some 3rd or 4th opinions on it... their website is.. .. and out of all the reviews ive read for it which were almost all positive, there was only one out there I could find that actually explained a little what their whole program entails and didnt sound like it was trying to sell me something... which is at.. .. Has anyone ever tried this program?? Any advice comments opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thanks!!

  2. You'll be better off with your own diet! There's way too many fad diets that come and go, but they all go. All you need to do is eat below your maintenance calorie level consistantly and you'll lose weight. Find a calorie calculator(google it) and enter your info it will tell you your maintenance level. Shoot for 500 calories below that to start. See what happens. As you lose weight, you'll have to recalculate your maintenance level and adjust. You might not lose weight as fast as your friends this way but you'll be much more likely to keep it off.
    Easy things if you haven't done them:
    Cut soda intake in half, and gradually decrease from there
    No fast food
    Eat lots of fruits/veggies
    If you have salad have oil/vinegar or balsamic instead of ranch
    Eat lean meats
    Try eating more frequently and not within 2 hours of bedtime
    Start doing cardio first thing when you wake up 3x a week(even fast paced walking does the trick)
    There's so much more..but read there's great info here!
    This will get you used to a more healthy lifestyle and eating habits whereas after a fad diet people usually go back to eating how they did because they think "mission accomplished" bc they've lost the weight. Good luck!

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