is this bad?

  1. is this bad?

    everynight after I workout I come straight home and eat 4teaspoons of Peanut butter and drink 8oz of milk....for some reason it makes me feel swear this is not a joke ....I workout very hard every evening ....I might add its an MMA workout not weightlifting ....for some reason this just does it for me , how bad is this

  2. That's not bad at all! The carbs in the milk will be pretty good for those worked out muscles, although the PB will slow down the absorption of them which isn't optimum. Health wise, though, natty PB and milk are fine.

  3. I appricate the help....when I came home last night and did it again , I was like man i wonder if this is good or bad just feels right , lol.....thanks babywifey

  4. Watch the aflatoxin in off brand, natural peanut butters. You do NOT want peanut butter that has sat on a shelf.

  5. Also, it should be pointed out that too many polyunsaturates is correlated with lower testosterone.


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