CKD help!

  1. CKD help!

    Hey guys I am going to start a CKD on an ECA stack. I would like to know if I was to do 5 or 6 meals cardio first thing in the am how would a typical ckd look like for someone who is 6'1 and about 260. I have a bog frame bulky rather so I am trying to cut fat asap. I just don't understand what a typical diet regime would look like can someone please help me. I am shoot ing for 5 meals unless someone says 6 is a better option but if I do 6 I am affraid of going over the calorie deficit. I can train my ass off on cardio im not slow for a big fella lol. Its just I am skepital for my CKD and I am excited to get on it asap! Someone plz help! Do keep in mind I am also on an ECA stack Bronkaid lipo-6 white willow stack. Thanx guys!

  2. Whatever your total caloric intake, your patitioning changes to about 60-70 percent fat and 30-40 percent protein respectively along with 20-30 carbs on low carb days. On carb loads you try to limit fat as best as you can and get in carbs, some guys prefer higher GL carbs some lower.

    I think 3-5 meals on the AD diet is a good way to go.

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