Transistioning from a cut to a bulk

  1. Transistioning from a cut to a bulk

    Hello, I'm new here but figured for my first post I might as well ask a question.

    As of right now I'm just finishing up my cut (9 days left!!) and am roughly 5'9'' 165lbs at maybe 12-14% bf. I used to weigh 247 a few years back and now its time to put on a little lean mass. Anyways, I'm going to finish this cut a little earlier than I intended initially, so I'm upping the intensity for these last 9 days.

    Most of my bulk is already planned out (start at 3k clean cals 40-30-30 macros)

    However the one issue I have yet to adress is how to properly transistion from this cut ( a little on the restrictive side as far as calories go for these next 9 days), into a 3k calorie bulk?

    Any tips?


    I'm always open to ideas so lets hear em!

    Thanks guys!

  2. I usually just jump right in, It will take a few days for you body to get used to the new diet.

    I saw a thread like this about a week ago, you should try and search for that.

  3. Jumping right in is a recipe for fat gain.

    How many calories are you taking in currently?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Emerge View Post
    Jumping right in is a recipe for fat gain.
    and digestive issues

    i'd say raise calories by no more then 500 cals/day per week. so first week go 500/ a day above where you are now, the next week etc till you hit your new plan. you could make it even a little more gentle than that and add 100 cals extra a day, (so 100 more first day, 200 more second, etc) but thats more of a pain to work out

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