Liquid Sucralose...OMG

  1. Liquid Sucralose...OMG

    Wow, this stuff is going to be the death of me.

    I have quite a sweet tooth and I've tried soooo many different sweeteners. I ordered a 4 ounce bottle of liquid sucralose last week and I just finished it off. Jesus, that is equal to 100 cups of sugar. There is no bitterness and the aftertaste is actually sweet and delicious.

    Anyone who is looking for a good tasting sweetener, this is the stuff to get. I've been putting it in homemade nut butter (no homo), my sludge (again, no homo), my protein shakes, my coffee, my egg pancakes, my hot cocoa, even my Xtend.

    I believe Nutraplanet sells liquid sucralose.

    Does anyone else have an addiction to this stuff and what do you use it for?

  2. from what I have found, a 4ounce bottle is equal to about 25 I missing something?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    from what I have found, a 4ounce bottle is equal to about 25 I missing something?
    Variable dilution.
  4. vadox6466
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    meh, I get splenda packages for free from my university dining halls so I'm good

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