Foods to help insulin sensetivity.

  1. Foods to help insulin sensetivity.

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  2. hey bro sorry to hear about ur mom and having diabetes. as far as I can see u pretty much have it set out in ways to improve her insulin. if she is physically able and healthy enough try getting her to lift weights and working out as it really help to improve ur insulin sensativity. also lots of fiber helps and try not to eat too many carbs in one meal spread em out through out the day. i hear cinnamon can help with blood sugar so try incorporating cinnamon in her diet. good luck in helping her out seems like u know what ur doing and really care about ur mom...

  3. Thanks a bunch for the advice mate!

  4. I would reccomend you reading a book which is mainly focused on bodybuilding but the author of the book learned how to make that diet since he used to work with diabetes type 1 and 2 patients. The book you can find if you search in google for scivation books and read either the lean mass diet or the lean muscle cut diet. The diet it has in it works very well for improving insulin and keeping it at a constant level, since it includes healthy fats in every meal almost.

    Hope that helps.

    PM if anything

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    Thanks a bunch for the advice mate!
    No problem, hoped i helped ya out!!!



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