NUTS!!!!!! That taste good

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  1. NUTS!!!!!! That taste good

    I'm fed up with walnuts. They taste like shit!!!

    Is there anything else out there that's similar in price and nutritional value that doesn't taste like ass?

  2. Almonds, peanuts?

  3. Don't mind the cookie thing. You can roast walnuts and put some sort of flavoring on them, I would go with some sort of steak rub, grill rub, or any flavoring you like that won't burn off in the oven.

  4. I can eat unsalted cashews all day. Almonds are a bit plain, give the cashews a go.

  5. Aren't cashews spendy as hell?

  6. Dollar extra a pound on some sites than walnuts.

  7. Lol wow. I never considered buying nuts/seeds online.

  8. I paid about 1.50 for 200gms or something. not bad considering you only need a few for some decent calories but yeah im sure you can buy them in bulk from somewhere.

  9. You can buy anything online, ANYTHING.

  10. Pecans rock.

  11. I know i've said it a few times, but if you learn how to roast walnuts, or any nuts for that matter, you can add a great deal of flavor. Hell, if you have roasted peanuts and peanut oil, maybe some flax seed, you can home make peanut butter.

  12. Blue Diamond Almonds - Maui Onion and Garlic. Hand's down best I've ever eaten.

  13. Haven't had anything by blue diamond, but I do love garlic. I've had green emerald nuts, pretty good stuff.

  14. jk

    Pecans taste best, but have more carbs. Almonds don't taste quite as good imo, but you can eat more of them b/c of the low carb content.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ThomasRivera View Post
    You can buy anything online, ANYTHING.
    I still laugh at when that guy tried to sell Canada on Ebay...

    Try your local bulk food store, if that even exists. I agree - walnuts taste like ass after a while. They have a bitter taste to them that quickly can be overdone. Almonds and cashews however have yet to bore me at the slightest, and I eat them both "raw" (unsalted, untreated... most affordable and ensures purity of nasty crap). They are definintly out there, you just have to find them. Going online is not a bad option though, as it is likely far more affordable if you go through more than a few handfuls a day.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Firsttofight View Post
    Blue Diamond Almonds - Maui Onion and Garlic. Hand's down best I've ever eaten.
    My buddies love the smokehouse flavor by Blue Diamond... those cans are freakin' everywhere whenever I stop by. I'll have to let them know about onion and garlic, sounds damn good. Sometimes when these things taste too good though, its a bad thing... I can go through the whole jar if my mind is not there... bad news when that's the case.

    Emerald "sea salt and pepper" cashews had me a few months ago. Had to stop buying it because I'd eat 2-3 times as much as I was supposed to be eating... hahha. Good stuff. Check that one out sometime.

  17. in an attempt to maintain 1:1 omega 3 : omega 6 ratio, then you really have no other choice than to eat walnuts...

    all the other nuts are far higher in omega 6. that's why walnuts have that taste that is not surprisingly similar to flax seed.

    roasted walnuts are incredibly tasty. I do 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. they will be soft, but let them cool and they will be crunchy.

    cashews, almonds, filberts, pistachios, peanuts, etc. are all omega 6 sources that most of us do not need. but nevertheless, they are unsaturated fats that are much better for us than saturated..

    just so you know even greasy chinese food and french fries are high in omega 6.

  18. Place the walnuts on a baking sheet - Spray them with PAM natural - Sprinkle cinnamon on them (no sugar) - Sprinkle some nutmeg... roast on 250 for 45 minutes. It's a great way to mask the ass taste without adding unwanted sugar. I have even been successful with sprinkling different All The Whey's protein on them.


  19. Quote Originally Posted by ThomasRivera View Post
    You can buy anything online, ANYTHING.
    Except weed. Pecans and cashews rock. Period.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by planetfuzz View Post
    Except weed. Pecans and cashews rock. Period.
    I beg to differ O_o

    I never thought of buying them online either, but hey, why not.
    Try just mixing almonds with peanuts/cashews some, so you get a little bit of variety going.

    Dang, I found some funky lookin stuff that was some type of weed on Ebay, but the link won't work, lol.

  21. Marcona Almonds



  22. Quote Originally Posted by planetfuzz View Post
    Except weed. Pecans and cashews rock. Period.
    If you can get juice off of the net, im sure that some places are willing to sell weed. I know they have seed banks that sell the marijuana seeds.

  23. Another vote for sunflower seeds. Dirty cheap, you can get them shelled and roastes (no salt added) and they have a higher protein content than walnuts.

    I personally mix it up between sunflower seeds, walnuts, and recently I added almonds to the mix.
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  24. Do you happen to eat the sunflower shells? I do, all the time.


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