Immediate International FedEX Shipping Rates Changes!

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    how much t'was b4 the changes & how much its now?

    from np warehouse to Algeria.
    it depends on wieght bro if i order 10lbs on bag with my normal stuff " xtend fishoils green magg and few pill bottles like divanil and stuff ! it ll be 30 lbs fed ex ll cost me now 200 $ shipping it was double b4 , while usps ems cost me aroun 130 $ it arrives in algeria bout 4 5 days!
    but when i use usps it teh algerian postal who take crae of it here so big orders lik taht always get held with customs!
    while fedex get to my door in 3 days with no customs i guess they have some agreement with government!

  2. Nice! Just about to make an order as well



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