Mass FX and Poseidon

  1. Mass FX and Poseidon

    When will Mass FX and Poseidon be back in stock?

  2. Bump......those things went fast.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. Poseidon...

    We just received Nutra Planets order for more Poseidon yesterday. We are currently just finishing an order placed by another retailer that has wiped us out of a few raw materials. We have those on rush order, scheduled to be delivered this Friday.

    We will be Processing and filing Nutra Planets order over the weekend, and hope to have it shipped first thing Monday morning....putting it in the hands of Nutra Planet by Wednesday (the 14th) of next week.

    Thanks to everyone for their patience! Be assured we will do all we can to be sure they have Poseidon back in stock as soon as possible!


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