Need capping advice

  1. Need capping advice

    I was thinking of getting this (10g Prot, 500 mg Omega 3). Says one serving is 1.5 tablespoons, and I was wondering how many "0" caps that would fit into.


  2. Why would you want to cap this?...especially since it's so DELICIOUS!?!
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  3. You do know that it is cookie mix thus its cookie dough.If you dont want to cook it then just mix it up and eat a serving then refridgerate the rest.It may not be your best option to cap cookie mix.but if you really want to my GUESS is you could get around 400mg per 0 cap.

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  4. actually i doubt it will even work. you'd end up getting MAYBE a single chocolate chip into the 0 cap before it clogged--thus making the majority of the cap air.

    anyway, this is the most retarded idea i've ever heard. why would u cap cookie mix?
    yes it has 10g of protein and omega 3's, but its made to be eaten for taste. and 1 serving would prob be like 35 caps!!!

    it's like capping protein powder, it just doesn't make any sense.

  5. Really slow day at work, had to get some of the silliness out of me.

    Of course it'd be silly to cap cookie mix But, in a really strange way, it'd be a funny thing to do. Only a little more absurd than capping whey

  6. Yeah, I was wondering why you would want to cap that cookie mix!? Capping is done sometimes to get rid of the taste, but that stuff taste too damn good to not eat it directly.Mmmmm.....AI Cookies


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