some pics from a photo shoot 3 weeks out of Nationals

  1. some pics from a photo shoot 3 weeks out of Nationals

    Hey guy/gals,

    Had some fun with some shots from a shoot I had today. Holding steady at 244 lbs here....
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  2. Lookin lean and jacked bro!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Looking good Grexx!

  4. Amazing! Wish I looked like that..

  5. Thanks guys.....On a side, I have been using the Ultimate Pump Stack upon waking and pre-workout now consider it a staple both pre-contest and off season. The energy/pumps feel great, but the mental focus comes in to play also.:bruce1:

  6. Can't wait to see the final pics Mike! Your hard work is definitely paying off...keep up the great work

  7. Thanks Sam....I am more focused than I have ever been....kinda funny when I look back to when I was 18 and won the State Championships using nothing but good old whey and glutamine..I was 193 here at 18 back stage
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  8. looking good my man, u should be proud


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