hello all

  1. Talking hello all

    hey, im new to this whole bulk powder deal. got some ?s like where do i find these cappers & how do i know if im using the right amounts? thx

  2. Cappers found here

    Bulk powders come labeled with 1/4 tsp measurements. For accurate measuring, we suggest using scales.

    To find more information on suggested amounts, a search will prove most beneficial...AM contains a plethora of knowledge!

    Welcome frizzlerock, you have just taken your first step in a much larger world

    Best of luck my friend!

  3. Nutra has a good deal on a electronic scale if you search there website, I've been debating whether or not I should get one myself.

  4. freakin sweet

  5. We will also be coming out with a complete capping kit which will include bulk capsules, a scale, and a cap em quick.

    Stay tuned...



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