My order has not finished processing

  1. My order has not finished processing

    I made an order during the sales that just ended and this order has been in processing for a week now. Is anyone else getting this at the moment or is it just me?

    This is well over the 1-2 business days or 2-4 business days and none of the items were on backorder than or even now.

  2. Have you contacted customer service? They are excellent!

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  3. I'm sorry. I did contact the support and am waiting.

    What I am asking by this thread is if this is normal. And I figured this is a NutraPlanet question for and this is THE NutraPlanet section with plenty of NutraPlanet Customers for discussions.

  4. No worries

    It can happen when things are over sold. I cannot speak for the exact product but NutraPlanet CS or [email protected] m will be your direct point of contact for answers. Like everyone else they have family and responsibilities outside the regular business day hours. I apologize for the delay. I assure you NP makes good on all matters of customer service.



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