Diesel Test Hardcore: BACK IN STOCK!

  1. Diesel Test Hardcore: BACK IN STOCK!

    For all of you DTH lovers, as well as for those who have unfortunately not had the opportunity to try this amazing product, NutraPlanet is proud to announce that Diesel Test Hardcore (200 tabs) is NOW BACK IN STOCK & READY FOR SHIPMENT!

    DIESEL TEST™ Hardcore Highlights:
    • Formulated to naturally increase total testosterone and free testosterone while controlling estrogen, cortisol, prolactin and DHT formation.
    • A "must have" during Post Cycle Treatment (PCT) for fast recovery of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HTPA).
    • Effective at all age groups from 18-90+ years old!
    • No reduction of libido with increased dosage (4-6 tabs/day) as with previous version of DIESEL TEST.
    • Libido (sex drive) enhancing results as early as three hours after first dose!
    • Signs of increased free testosterone levels usually within the first 72 hours of use (which include: increased mental focus, assertiveness, motivation, positive outlook, elevated mood, aggressive workouts and that "Alpha Male" mentality).
    • DIESEL TEST Hardcore is the only herbal test booster that doubles as a powerful libido booster, semen volumizer and erection enhancer.
    • 100% natural/herbal with no sneaky "under the radar" ingredients that may be banned in the future.
    • 100% legal in any drug tested organization.
    • Contains no "experimental" never consumed by humans ingredients.


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