Erase + clomid as PCt, Need some advice

  1. Erase + clomid as PCt, Need some advice

    So guys Im gonna run h drol cycle very soon and almost have everything on hand. Ill get cycly support/erase stack since shipping doesnt raise too much for another item im planning into getting other stuff.

    My question is if Erase + clomid could be good enough as pct since i cannot use tamox cuz im on paroxetine treatment.

  2. i'd add in a test booster like stoked or titanium 2 weeks into PCT.

  3. K thanks for your reply. Ill get titanium erase stack then. which weeks should i start using test boost first 2 or last 2 on pct?

  4. Bump it.
    Anyone else wanna add a coment? Maybe a rep, I will place my order on sunday mid day.

  5. i started erase day 7 and stoked and titanium on day 14 of pct.



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