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  1. GPLC at Nutraplanet

    Here it us how bad you guys want us to stock GPLC (glycine propionyl l-carnitine). The demand has to beat the cost...which is pretty high.

    If there is enough demand to meet the cost then the boss would be more inclined to stock it. Share your support by posting in here. Quantity you would order and dosing should be good info.

    If there isn't enough demand we will not risk stocking such an expensive product
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    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  2. How much would it be? Grams, servings, price are you guys looking at?

  3. I would love to have it at Nutraplanet... of course it is price dependent. I would like to know the possible price range before I promise to jump on it.

  4. Want this, price dependant

  5. Quote Originally Posted by vudoo View Post
    How much would it be? Grams, servings, price are you guys looking at?
    Yeah, that's kinda some important info.

  6. It is kind of a niche product. I've tried GPLC and just PLCAR and couldn't tell a noticeable difference between those two. So no...I wouldn't pay the extra $$ for GPLC

  7. I would like to see quantities similar to what PP has to offer, and also something 2-3 times larger with equivalent pricing. Powder and nutracaps as well. Dosing would be 3-5 grams a day.

  8. 100000000000% in on this

  9. I've seen $40 per 100g so we would def be in that ballpark...if higher we wouldn't pursue it. We have a minimum order quota to fill which is why we need your input. We would carry multiple siZe to fufill each unique want

  10. It's $20 for 67.5g at Primordial....

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Ev52 View Post
    It's $20 for 67.5g at Primordial....
    Great find, I'd be interested if it beat PP's price
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  12. I'll see what I can do :typing:

  13. Offer it at a unbeatable price that nutra is known for and I will try it.
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  14. The 40 per 100g is an estimate...if we can't beat pp's price it would be pointless to carry it. That is what it will come down to.

  15. At $40 for 100 grams I would have to pass, and just go through PP to be honest.

  16. Problem of gplc is suppliers...there are only a handful...literally and those aren't set up for BIG orders like the ones we deal with. When we stock something we want to have stick after stock as to not run into out of stock issues. Some supplements are different, different extraction processes which take more time and others where the raws are present in different countries. Add on tarifs, restrictions and it gets expensive.

    The company we are talking to know holds a patent on gplc I'm told and conforms to te quality standards we require our products to have.

  17. So if they hold the patent does that mean that these other company's, PP included, sources would dry up?

  18. come on guys.....this has been requested for a bit (over and over again I may add). where is the love on this?
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  19. I suggest you put a link in the product request thread, surely that will garner more support. I will put a link in my log as well!

  20. MrB already got it
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  21. def down to try it

  22. I am in for sure. $30 for 100g? $60 for 250?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by bradleywiens View Post
    I am in for sure. $30 for 100g? $60 for 250?
    That sounds pretty fair right there, maybe throw in a pill option as well for 50 grams and 100 grams, price 10-15% higher than bulk???

  24. If you guys can do 135 grams for ~35 id go for it.

  25. gplc is so expensive to source, as PP is already selling it for so cheap that there is likely no reason i would include it with my NP order


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