Want to get SHREDDED??? AlphaBurn & Lean Xtreme STACK!!

  1. Want to get SHREDDED??? AlphaBurn & Lean Xtreme STACK!!

    Buy Together and SAVE!!!

    RPN's AlphaBurn

    AlphaBurn contains the steroisomer Rauwolscine, a highly selective Alpha-2 Adrenergic agonist. AlphaBurn amplifies and prolongs Lipolysis, demolishes appetite, increases focus and motivation, and stimulates libido by acting on dopaminergic neurons in the brain.

    AlphaBurn, unlike Yohimbine, does not increase heart-rate or anxiety.

    AlphaBurn also contains Piperine, a black pepper extract shown to prevent the breakdown of monoamines.

    DS' Lean Xtreme

    Simply put, Lean Xtreme™ is the best non-stimulant based fat burner ever made. That is a lofty claim, we know; but we also believe it’s true. Lean Xtreme™ targets multiple pathways to assist fat loss while lowering cortisol, maintaining muscle tone and optimizing the body’s immune function in order to promote the ideal fat burning, muscle sparing environment. That’s a mouthful, so let us explain how it works and get a little technical.

    Cortisol, the stress hormone, alters the way your body stores fat, essentially increasing levels of what is known as visceral adipose tissue (VAT) or in layman’s terms, the solid belly fat that plagues most human beings. VAT is very difficult to lose when cortisol levels remain excessive. The weight loss issue is further compounded by cortisol’s effect on the thyroid gland.

    Thyroid output is directly correlated with metabolic rate and weight loss, governing both muscle building (via protein synthesis) and fat burning. High stress levels from increased cortisol levels can exhaust the adrenals and negatively impact the release of thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Cortisol also has a prominent impact on appetite, affects bone density, suppresses the immune system and negatively affects cognitive performance such as memory and quick thinking. To summarize, too much cortisol can be very damaging to your body.

    Lean Xtreme™ utilizes 7-OH™, Phosphatidylserine and 5-AT™ to control cortisol, enhance thyroid and lower stress levels by influencing cytokines responsible for inflammation and cortisol signaling. Lean Xtreme™ also includes Forskolin to improve body composition and signal optimal testosterone levels. A high potency Green Tea Extract (EGCG) is added for the wide array of health benefits, including its amazing ability to further advance the immune system, boost fat loss and prevent future fat gains. Through the use of DS’ new Extended Release Technology™, Lean Xtreme™ provides a consistent release of its ingredients to allow for constant cortisol control and fat loss.
    When you diet, your body fights to hold onto as much body fat as it can, making your efforts at weight loss extremely difficult. At the other end of the spectrum, when bulking, your body is more than happy to take on extra body fat in preparation for future diets. The new and improved Lean Xtreme™ prepares for the potential issues that arise during both of these times and is therefore an excellent tool for dieting and lean bulking. In both instances, Lean Xtreme™ is a necessary ingredient for successful body recomposition, making it one of the most versatile and effective products on the market.

    Stock is limited so take advantage of this AMAZING opportunity to get those last couple of pounds off before summer ends.
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  2. Too bad I bought my Alpha-Burn before this stack came out, makes the LX a great buy for $22.

  3. Especially when it retails for 32-38 dollars from other places. Great buy all around.
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  4. this is a straight steal!!

  5. great deal!



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