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    With Fathers Day coming and the grilling season in full swing, an emphasis on health and wellness is probably the farthest thing from our minds. Hey, it’s Father’s Day after all and if you’re like me, you want to kick back and have a beer and a steak! However, this would actually be a perfect time to take the initiative and concentrate on some of the more neglected areas of men’s health.

    Take this Fathers Day to not only spend time with your children, but to instill in them healthy habits that will last a life time. Remember, the seeds to a healthy lifestyle gets sown at home! Here’s a quick rundown of some products that will help us fathers stay one-step ahead of the game.

    Prostate Health
    The First and probably most important area for us fathers especially after we reach the age of 40, is the prostate.

    Getting a prostate exam annually would go a long way towards keeping the prostate healthy. There are also some well documented herbs that will also help protect the prostate and keep it healthy. Saw Palmetto is usually the base of most prostate formulas, as it may help fight against benign prostatic hyperplasia otherwise known as bph. Saw Palmetto helps reduce inflammation and helps with the difficulty and urgency problems that may arise with an enlarged prostate. For a complete complex of herbs that will help with this, Prostate Support by NOW Foods is an all encompassing formula that may help decrease any problems that arise.

    Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
    Another area that is often overlooked is blood pressure and cholesterol management. If these 2 important factors get out of hand, it can lead to a host of other health problems.

    The good news is that with proper nutrition and supplementation, this can be controlled. One supplement that has been proven to help on both of these potentially dangerous health issues is Omega-3 fatty acids more commonly found in fish oils. The list of health benefits of supplementing with Omega-3 is extensive: Increasing cognitive ability and reducing inflammation are just some of the additional health benefits on top of the cholesterol and blood pressure lowering effects. This is a true powerhouse of a supplement that everyone should be taking. Life Support is a more comprehensive formula that may quickly lower blood pressure and cholesterol if a more aggressive approach is needed.

    Healthy Testosterone Management
    As we get older, something that most men have to deal with is lowered testosterone levels. As we get older testosterone levels naturally decline, and other outside factors and lifestyle habits may cause it to decline more rapidly. Stress, environmental factors, and decreased sleep quality, are some of the factors that can negatively impact our test levels. You may feel that after work, and spending time with the wife and kids, there is no energy for anything else. Lack of energy and drive may be one marker of decreased testosterone levels.

    With the proper tools though, you can kick your old drive back in high gear! Divanex is a highly concentrated and standardized amount of divanil, otherwise known as nettle root. This herb may effectively promote the amount of free testosterone in your system, without harming your body’s ability to keep producing it normally. Paravol is another natural herbal testosterone booster that has a nice mix of complimentary herbs that potentiates the effects of each other. A healthy testosterone level will lead to more energy for chasing the kids around in the daytime, and also chasing the wife at bedtime.

    Last but not least is easily the simplest, but most often overlooked area of supplementation. A simple multivitamin formula made for men, which is a great and easy way to increase your health, energy, and productivity. Most people believe that eating 3 square meals a day will meet their vitamin and mineral needs. For most people, this can’t be farther from the truth. Eating habits, stress (both mental and physical), environmental factors, and even exercise are some of the things that zap our body of these life giving organic compounds. Taking a multi for men like ADAM regularly will help keep you and your body running in tip-top condition. One of my favorites although not specifically for men, is Orange Triad. This is a fantastic all encompassing multivitamin that not only has a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, but also a digestive formula to help you assimilate your food and get more nutrients out of them, and a joint formula that will help those aching bones from all the touch football you will be playing on Fathers Day.

    Honorable Mentions
    I quickly wanted to mention 2 supplements that everyone should consider using. Resveratrol has had a lot of press recently as it has a host of health benefits. It not only is a fantastic antioxidant and immune booster, it also may boost test levels, aid in weight loss, and lower blood sugar. You can read more on the effects of Resveratrol here.

    The last supplement of note is probiotics. Adding a good probiotic formula like Gut Health, may aid in increasing the ability to fight off sickness and infection, increase the amount of nutrients you get from your food, and improve digestion—and with the amount of steak that will be consumed this Fathers Day, we need all the help we can get.

    In honor of all the Super Dad’s out there, NutraPlanet is extending an additional 5% off on all mentioned products within this blog. Use coupon code: “dadrocks” (no quotation marks) good until June 30th.

    During the Father’s Day promotional event, NutraPlanet will also donate a portion of proceeds to the Give Kids The World—a charity that provides memorable, magical, cost-free experiences to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.
    So dads, get healthy with cost saving supplements at NutraPlanet, and help support a charitable cause. Have a healthy and safe Fathers Day!

  2. My dad is getting some joint-management products from me. Look at some of the best-selling joint support supplements at NutraPlanet.

  3. nice thread, now I got some ideas of what to get my dad!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    My dad is getting some joint-management products from me. Look at some of the best-selling joint support supplements at NutraPlanet.
    I was going to say... My dad has been swallowing my SuperCissus... I honestly just gave him two more bottles. Great posts guys!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

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