Combining SuperCharge ExtremeNO BCAA Glutamine and Waxy Maize

  1. Combining SuperCharge ExtremeNO BCAA Glutamine and Waxy Maize

    What I am planning on doing is combining a lot of supplements into my preworkout shake.

    Super Charge Extreme NO
    30g Waxy Maize
    5g BCAA
    5g Glutamine

    My concern is that doing this may result in blocking the absorption of some of the components of Super Charge like arginine.

    My post workout out shake consists of:

    50g Isolate Protein
    60g Waxy Maize
    5g BCAA
    5g Glutamine
    5g Creatine

  2. I would swap the 5g BCAA for Leucine in the PWO shake. Also please list ingredients of SuperCharge NO. From what I see, it looks OK though.

  3. I would be getting 2.5g of leucine pre and post already in the BCAA.

    SuperCharge Extreme NO Ingredients are listed in nutraplanets store, however you would have to double all of them as I am taking two servings

    can't post links yet apparently...sorry

    But my question would be for any PreWO mix because they are all very similar.

    I can't remember where I heard that it would block the absorption of arginine which is why I am posting this. I am also thinking it might have been if you mix prewo with protein.

    So if anyone has a better plan for timing of these supps please reply. Thanks

  4. i don't see a problem with combining bcaa + prewo mix. i do it all the time myself.

  5. The Glutamine/Arginine thing was because BSN put something about not taking Glutamine with their Nitrix because it would hinder absorption or something.I do not know if it is true.



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