Exchange rate

  1. Exchange rate

    Hey Team NP,

    Just a thought, hows the strength of the US dollar effecting international orders, if at all?

    I only asked because i realised since the Dollar is something like 1.4 to the GBP i havent made an NP order, with shipping on top it actually works out more expensive than UK based stores.

    Just found it interesting that the UK guys are saying they arent seeing any fluctuations in business, just wondering how the US guys are fairing?

  2. Lately i've bought more items from UK sellers as it works out cheaper. But if i was going for a huge order i would go with NP
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  3. oh yeah, the exchange rate does have a profound impact on international buyers decisions.
    however, the amazing sales we've been running this year have helped keep things somewhat competitive in price and we have some good dedicated overseas customers who trust NP and enjoy the quality service we strive to provide.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Chub View Post
    Lately i've bought more items from UK sellers as it works out cheaper. But if i was going for a huge order i would go with NP
    yeah, most intl orders tend to be large to make the shipping rate more feasible.

  5. The Canadian dollar has tanked as well, so I know your pain. Still cheaper from Nutraplanet for me though, and much better selection.

  6. i havent checked if anything was cheaper here for a while but i wait till the dollar goes up then put in big orders, ive found i can get most stuff from np in 1-2 weeks at the most, im also lucky that the dollars gone up a little, got a discount code and sloppy seconds all happened at the right time

  7. Yeah no doubt been ordering from the planet for years and years the service is usually awesome.

    But i cannot justify the shipping costs coupled with the exchange rate in the current economic climate, its just the first time since ive been lifting its actually been cheaper to buy items from the UK.

    Which saddens me as the service is absolutly terrible from most places.


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