Get Diesel And Get Savings!!!!

  1. Get Diesel And Get Savings!!!!

    If you love JP8, then you'll especially love the new, but temporary sale price!!! For 5 DAYS ONLY OR WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, be sure to pick up Get Diesel's JP8 at ONLY $26.95!!!! This is almost a 50% off savings opportunity!

    Also, for those who enjoy NOS Ether, we are proud to announce the newly release of Get Diesel's Ether Tabs (120 tabs), for ONLY $32.95!! Same AMAZING benefits, but now with easier and more convenient dosing!

    You might ask yourself "Why not try them both for optimal results?" Well, NutraPlanet is ahead of the game! Buy Together and SAVE, by picking up Get Diesel's JP8/Ether Tabs Combo, ONLY $59.99! Regular price- $72.95

    If you haven't tried these products, then Get Diesel!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  2. Gaaahhhhh! What awesome deals. Too bad I already bought my jug of JP8 and two jugs of NOS Ether AT FULL PRICE!

    Must...resist...ordering...mor e...

    Oh BTW, I think it's just "Ether tabs" not "NOS Ether tabs". Might wanna change that on the site before Chuck gets diesel on yo behind.

  3. It's an incredible deal. I didn't see this one coming, or I wouldn't have picked up 2 tubs at $40

    You will kick yourself for not hopping on this deal!

  4. 5 day sale.....i hope supplies last that long!

  5. Went ahead and bought 2 of the JP8/ETHER tab combos! The intensity, energy, and focus from JP8 is UNREAL. Also got one of the sweet looking GET DIESEL T's. Got a feeling I'm gonna have to get another T on my next order, 1 size up of course! Any chances of getting a discount for trading in my old one?!


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