Does Your Sunscreen Offer Cancer Protection?

  1. Post Does Your Sunscreen Offer Cancer Protection?

    Many suncreens may offer protection from getting burned, but you also need to protect your self from the cancer causing radiation as well

    If you think a thick layer of SPF 60 will protect you from getting cancer, think again.

    The main issues is that the bottles have labeling which address sunburn, but not skin cancer, which is caused by an different kind of radiation.

    SPF numbers refer to UVB radiation which causes sunburn; However UVA is the radiation which is linked to skin cancer

    It's not enough to do one or the other, says Dr. Thomas Huffer, a pediatrician with Prevea Health in Green Bay who was diagnosed with a melanoma 10 years ago and doesn't go anywhere without sun-protective clothing on.

    "You can't just put on sunscreen or just avoid the peak burning hours — you really have to do both if you're serious about avoiding skin cancer," Huffer said. Sunscreen isn't the cure, but it's the best thing to reduce your chances.

    Currently, many sun protection labels claim “total protection” which misleads people in to believing that the lotion would protect against both type of radiation. Despite frequent claims, no sunscreen products can provide a full protection against UV radiation.

  2. Good post - so what are the products that are recommended for preventing UVA and UVB? and what would be the product we should be using if we tan regularly (outside or with tanning beds)?

    I truly dont know the answer to this, and this is the second time i've seen a post about UVA in the past week - it came as news to me.
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