Soy diet worsens heart disease in male mice

  1. Soy diet worsens heart disease in male mice

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Heart conditions became worse in male mice carrying a genetic mutation for heart disease when they were fed a soy diet, a study published on Wednesday showed.

    Male mice carrying the mutation for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM, were severely affected by the soy diet, showing enlarged heart muscles and eventual heart failure, according to the University of Colorado at Boulder study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

    HCM is the leading cause of death in young athletes and affects about one in 500 people. Eighteen genes associated with the disease have been identified, according to University of Colorado professor Leslie Leinwand.

    Soy foods and diet supplements are perceived to be a huge health benefit to humans. Consumers spent an estimated $4.7 billion on them in 2005.

    "We were shocked by the results," said Leinwand, noting that when the mice in the study were switched to a diet of a milk protein their condition improved markedly.

    Female mice carrying the mutation for HCM were relatively unaffected by the soy diet, according to the study. That led the Colorado research team to believe that heart deterioration in male mice was due at least in part to plant-based estrogens in the soy food diet.

    "To our knowledge this is the first report of significant differences in cardiac muscle adaptation due to dietary manipulation," researchers wrote.

    Leinwand said: "I don't think normal, healthy people should be alarmed by the results of this study.

    "But we are seeing more cautionary reactions from the medical community in recent years regarding the ingestion of huge quantities of dietary supplements, including soy phytoestrogens."

  2. Maybe I should show this to a friend of mine who just turned into a hippie and went vegan.

  3. Very good info CDB.
    My The 1 LOG:

  4. Show me a BBer who uses soy as his protein base and I'll show you a skinny guy calling himself a BBer.


    Seriously..anyone know of any Bbers/PLers using lots of soy? It'd be interesting to look at what body compositions they have. Unless they're all dead from HCM.

  5. Soy foods and diet supplements are perceived to be a huge health benefit to humans.
    who said anything about diet supplements!?

    edit: or are they talking about soy supplements?

  6. Another reason not to eat soy.

  7. I've never used soy and always argued that animal protein sources are superior.

    This article/study is just one more piece of information!!!

  8. A lot of soy in your diet significantly increases estrogen in males ive heard

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Whiskey Steve
    A lot of soy in your diet significantly increases estrogen in males ive heard
    Soy actually contains phytoestrogens. It's actually the biggest reason why soy can cause heart problems in those prone to it. It results in fluid retention around the heart.

    Eating an overabundance of soy can have the same effect as taking estrogen directly. That's the reason has been proven to cause developmental problems in children who are fed soy formula as infants.

  10. I was a soy bean baby. My mother says my ass fell off for my first motnh here, (earth) and it was the only thing that agreed with me. I wonder what effects it has had on me? I am pretty certain I have un-developed frontal lobe! LOL

    Judge: Son you're gonna have to change.

    Me: It wasn't me your honor, it was the soy that made me do it!

    My The 1 LOG:

  11. Yeah, soy is the devil. It is probably the cause of all earthly ills.

    I think its estrogenic activity is extremely weak, that is how it helps with breast cancer. It binds in place of estrogen.

    I think it would be prudent to find out exactly what type of diet was fed these MICE with pre-existing genetic mutations. Some soy? All Soy? Soy suppositiories?
    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  12. For all we know, this study was funded by the dairy industry.

    I ran across a very informative post about soymilk the other day.

    The latter two studies even suggest that soy consumption could reduce estrogen levels in men


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