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another day another 500 points down (pool)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by RobInKuwait View Post
    I think once this rally breaks and we get bad news we'll retest new lows and get around 5500.
    You are right.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by charlesmcgee View Post
    I'm 100% confident that the market will fluctuate.
    Wish you Best of luck

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Orangepeel View Post
    If I had a bank account full of extra cash right now, I can promise you I would invest every bit of it in the stock market.

    Think about it, 2 things can happen.
    1. The stock market goes up and down and up and down etc. etc. etc like it usually does, but in the end it recovers and goes up, and WAY UP (It has to, look were the DOW is at now) - RESULT - YOU CASH OUT WITH LOTS OF $$$

    2. Stock market crashes, it's one or the other really, so say the stock market crashes, though I find it unlikely - RESULT - YOU LOSE EVERYTHING YOU INVESTED, but WAIT, the stock market just crashed, the US doller is now worth nothing, so everyone that DIDN'T invest also lost their money.
    Thank you for your post.and your strait thinking.For stock marketing everyone should think like you.


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