What do you guys think about Probiotics?

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    Probiotics are among the top three most rapidly expanding functional food categories in the United States. You've seen them in yoghurt and other dairy foods, but are they exactly?

    Well you've heard of antibiotics, right? Those are the pills you take when you get an infection. If we break the name down, we have ‚ anti meaning something that is against, and ‚biotic which means produced or caused by living organisms. In the case of antibiotics, the name means they kill bacterial infections.

    But in general, something we call biotic is an organism or a living part of one. A probiotic is something that PROmotes that living organism. There are hundreds and hundreds of different probiotic bacteria found in the human digestive track, and they're responsible for maintaining a healthy digestive process.

    Probiotics have recently become the one of the most talked about, and researched, products in the nutritional world and for good reason.

    The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an article that examined subjects who consumed twelve weeks worth of a fermented milk product containing the probiotic ‚ LactobacillusĚ and found that there was a 4.6 per cent reduction in abdominal fat plus a 3.3 per cent reduction in subcutaneous fat. Body weight also dropped by 1.4% while waist size decreased by almost 2%. A previous study in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that probiotics may reduce both fat cells and fat levels in animals.

    Nutrition Journal also published a study on competitive male cyclists showed that probiotic intake could result in a decrease in symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Professor Mike Gleeson from Loughborough University, who specializes in researching the links between exercise and immune functioning, says that probiotics have shown early promise for general health purposes by potentially reducing the incidence of infections as well as the duration and severity of illness.

    So while probiotics are relatively new to the nutritional supplement scene, they've arrived with a seriously impressive body of research to support their use for both general health as well as burning fat.

  2. they are a staple of mine. I need them now or my stomach is fuked. same goes for digestive enzymes

  3. I can only summise that my digestive tract is being cleaned and that the product is doing exactly what it says - a little too well :-)

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