Bulking but little change

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  1. Bulking but little change

    First your routine is just too much for u to recover properly, let alone grow. Try a single body part a day like Monday-shoulders/traps
    Wednesday- arms
    Thursday- back
    Friday- chest
    Do about 6 excercises per body part (2-3 sets per exercise) and take at least 1 set per exercise to failure to ensure your getting maximum intensity. Try using the rep scheme 15,12,8 with very little rest in between. Try to go to failure on the last set (8 reps). This routine will ensure u have ample time to recover. Eat real food but train yourself to eat a lot of it. Give yourself at least 2 months to see major changes in muscle gain, everything takes time.

  2. Everyone has great input. You need to get a refund from your trainer. He is why personal trainers get such bad names. Focus on where you feel you are weakest at and plan from there. My legs are probably my weak point so I do quads on Mondays and hamstrings on Fridays. You DO NOT need that type of volume and all the isolation movements. Do most of your work with compound movements starting at the beginning of each training day. Vary your rep ranges as well. First exercise maybe 4-8 and then move up in reps with lighter weight and a little more TUT. Maybe even try higher reps on your leg day.

  3. Try weight gainer. Helps to get Cals in

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Smont View Post
    To build muscle you need to lift rest and eat more calories then you burn. Stop wasting your money on supplements and spend your money on real food. The only supplements you should be spending your money on are protien powder and creatine and thats only after your real food is taking care of. Supplements are exactly that. Supplements used to supplement your diet, not to replace real food. Ditch the mutant mass and stock up on steak and potatoes
    Spot on

  5. Read up on Wendler 531 Boring But Big. Instead of doing 12 exercises on a training day, you will do 2 or 3 and get results... Mid July to present I'm up 20 lbs, my lifts are all up, now did I get some fat, yes some....
    Right now you seem to majoring in the minors. Focus on big lifts, increasing weights and reps, eat food...And don't be afraid to lose 6 pack abs... If you are asking questions about your training program, my thoughts are that you should probably follow a training program created by someone that knows what they are doing, like Wendler. That's my suggestion.

  6. ^ do this

  7. How did it go? Did you take any suggestions? Get any better results?


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