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    <img src=" 834"/>

    recent pic, hope you guys like it
    I don't like pictures of Men.

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    I don't like pictures of Men.

  3. Wicked build at 17 man. Makes me wish I would have started 10 years ago

  4. Don't get frustrasted and continue to work the way you currently are. There is no hurry in this game. Like you I had the same problem except I didnt care about size @ 17. I played basketball and leanness was what I needed. At 25, I ventured into a gym and got a bit more serious. It wasnt until 30 I got a little more serious. It wasn't until 36 I got extremely serious. I now look like all those jocks in high school looked like wehn they were in high school. Patience, time and talking to all these knowledgeable people will help you gain control. Believe me. I have extremely healthy shoulders to do whatever I want in the gym due to me allowing my body to develop the way it was intended. I can bench upwards 4 times a week and have no delt issues. I can dead and squat on the same day if I wish. I have done it for two years. Never taken any supps besides what you can get from GNC. Why am I telling you this? Since I didn't kill myslef early on to get size. I have it now at the most critical stage of gaining and holding mass. In fact, I have more problems losing it than gaining. Be patient, SQUAT/Bench/DEAD. You will progress. Add 5lbs to each big three lift a week. Over a year you will gain 780lbs to your overall total. Simple. Do this over two years! Yeah, you may stall but you stay with the lift until you are able to add that 5lbs and move on to next week. The standard is 5lbs on upper movements and 10 on lower. Trust me when I tell you this works. Funny part is you only have to be in the gym 3 days a week. Mon, Wed, Fri.
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