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    So I'm 19 5 ft 1 94.7 pounds I'm currently trying to gain weight about 15 to 20 pound doctors orders.

    I did Insanity and lost too much weight I'm trying to get up to 5 to seven meals in every day with healthy snacks in between, I'm currently doing P90X, and I'm gaining some muscle it is not just a cardio program like people thinks it is I'm cutting some cardio.

    However, here my story as a Baby I had a heart transplant, and I also have a bad leg from a car crash a few years back where I broke my tibia and femur in my right leg have two metal rods there now I know some people might think oh this is a joke I'm not trying to make it one I want to do bodybuilding, but I can't take supplements because of the effects it can have on my heart, and I can't drink whey because it be too much protein for my heart and body. These are doctor's orders.

    I eat the following foods and switch it up daily usually I will have Quaker no sugar instant oatmeal two slices of Ezekiel bread and maybe 1/4 of a cup of blueberries for breakfast I will wait 45 minutes to one hour after eating then does P90X I just started P90X on my second week. Alternatively, I will lift weights. I have a mid morning snack which is one egg white or some sort of fruit or almonds.

    Lunch usually one uncooked chicken breast cooked in the oven with A1 sauce a salad with spinach leaves carrots chopped up broccoli and light ranch.

    afternoon snack usually a bowl of broccoli or carrots with a little ranch for dipping.

    Second mid afternoon snacks hand full of almonds or something with a lot of fiber.

    For Dinner a chicken breast or steak sometimes whatever moms cooking with a salad light ranch. Alternatively, a white potato with a little of shredded cheese.

    Before bed usually another white potato or two cheese sticks.

    I'm trying to get up five to seven meals but struggling.

    I only drink water I try to drink about 8 to 10 bottles of water every day.

    i just started this diet so kind of struggling I've eaten healthy for over a year now.

    my biggest problem is I live in a small town we have three gyms a church gym which is decent but not what I'm looking for

    we have a small Anytime Fitness that few people go to it decent.

    and we have a community center gym which is always busy.

    so I'm trying to choose which gym the community center about $50.00 every month. Anytime fitness is $14.99 or $20.00 a month. church $75.00 a month.

    I want to get big should I go to my doctor first? I have medium-size weights at home only two and two small ones I have a pull-up bar to.

    What should I do? Sorry this is so long and my spelling not that great I have a small learning disability.

    what should I do? Thanks.

  2. My first suggestion is to consult your dr to find out what you can and can not do safely and healthy. After that if he approves of it I think the community health center would be your best option due to the fact that it will have many offerings for your money. And since you said there is a lot of people that go there, you may meet someone that can guide you as a friend.

  3. [QUOTE="Fitness158"]So I'm 19 5 ft

    Your a giant!

  4. Funny not.

  5. Insanity was a mistake and p90x as well. Do the gym and weight training and EAT! Force yourself to eat, healthy. But talk to your doctor and see what you can do healthy to gain the weight. Stay away from cardio, your body already burns to quick.
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  6. It is "you're".. If you are going to make a joke do it right!

  7. It sounds like your eating is decent. How ever you really need to up your protein intake. I Don't think it matters with the gym you choose as long as you feel it is a right fit.

  8. food is always a big factor in gaining weight. Basically your not eating enough. I havent bothered to calculate your exact calories/macros you need but i can guarantee your not getting enough food. I personally would guide you onto the "weight lifting" route instead of p90x, BUT, if p90x is easier for you to perform then do it, just make sure the exercises are more strength bias and your continuing to add resistance as much as possible from week to week.

    Get a list from a health professional on exactly what foods you can eat. Post those foods up in this thread and im sure the AM community will be happy to give you a diet that will allow you to gain weight with the foods your allowed to eat due to your circumstances.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by DanGibson

    It is "you're".. If you are going to make a joke do it right!
    Yeah thanks for your advice..hang on....

    I mean...

    Yes thank you for your advise.


  10. I didn't know there was a procedure to follow when performing a joke... I must have missed that in my hand book of jokes!

  11. ^^facepalm

    To op, I'm not the most knowledgable, but I must say the community here is VERY knowledgable. If you find out from your doc exactly what you can eat/ how hard you can train, I'm sure the folks on AM will get you started down the right path. And you may be small now, but everyone has to start somewhere. Don't let anyone bring you down or keep you from your goals. You are an inspiration, not many people would be driven enough to do what you're doing considering your circumstances. Keep going and never give up brother

  12. I agree, you need to eat more cals, especially protein...through in some whole eggs and whites with breakfast...also more complex carbs with your other meals...sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, stated already, double check with your doctor about what you can eat, or take...I've never heard of whey protein putting your heart at risk, tooth protein can cause stress on the kidneys...but your not consuming enough build muscle you need more cals and more protein than your body needs, in order to grow...keep at it man, and don't listen to ignorant fools like MIK14...this site is for guidance, not bashing people In need of help..


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