My legs Look weird

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    My legs Look weird

    Ok so my genetics did not favour me in terms of legs. I have been working on them hard I Deadlift 120kg8 times and squat about 80kg

    I weigh 70-72kg

    No matter what I do though whether I add In lunges or leg press my legs just grow weird and still look very bony in places for instance my quad seems to only grow on one side and my knees still look bony as hell. Am I issuing something here? I train 3-4 days A week.
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    Honestly you don't really need to worry about this until your a little bigger. They should even out with more growth. Keep doing what your doing and you"ll get there
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    Alright cool, thanks for replying

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    This is a hard photo to work with. I can't say anything with certainty besides that there's nothing remarkably odd.
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