Any solid cutting/bulking plans out there?

  1. Easy Tigers,

    I have been in the bulking stage for 8 weeks now and intend on swapping over to a cutting routine as suggested my Manbeast and others.
    Ok now as per usual I sit here day by day eve by eve googling routines and diet and I understand they only way to find what works for me is by testing but I feel I but blind leading te blind so im
    Looking for guidance towards a SET diet, cycle etc that should work for me from a human now a pre written blog etc..
    Im 26,
    Just quit smoking after 13 years.
    I play Airsoft ( running round like a mad man at the weekends)
    I have closed my shop in which I burnt 3k cal a day on pedometer.
    I have been "bulking" with a varied diet (not always healthy) for 8 weeks.
    Weight: 16 st or 225lbs
    Bmr 2218.05
    Weight and mass increase of 1st in 8weeks

    This is my current routine minus all gym based machine work:

    Edit cannot post link pm me for info

    Supplements used:
    Nitro tec protein daily or pre workout.
    Soy protein post work out.
    D3 with cal
    Fish oils
    Vit B

    Dosage to rda on bottels.

    Can anyone point me toward something solid I can cut on? Set diet etc!

    Thanks Jon

  2. Review:

    Goal loss 20lb
    Bmi: 29.7
    Bmr: 2218.05
    Estimated Maintenance: 3050
    Daily calorie intake to Cut 2250
    50/30/20 ratio P/c/f
    Protein at 256g
    Carbs at 153g
    Fats at 45g

    B chewable,
    D3 plus calcium
    St johns wart
    Ginkgo biloba
    Fish oils


    Elite Nutrition's ultimate weight loss stack,

    1,3-Dimethylamylamine 30 mgs

    Caffeine 200 mgs

    Synephrine Hcl 10 mgs

    Yohimbine Hcl 10 mgs

    One in the Morning with full glass of water and fasting until 12. (now this is the bit thats confusing me. My usual line of thinking would be eat from first thing on a regular every three hours. But I have researched Yohimbine and it seems it works on fasting?)


    11am coffee half a sugar with soy milk.

    12am after fasting:
    1 glass of water
    100g chicken breast
    100g brown rice

    2pm mixed nuts 1/4cup no peanuts, cashews
    Flax seed oil

    3pm 1 glass of water
    100g chicken breast
    100g broccoli

    4pm coffee half a sugar soy milk

    6pm 100g chicken
    100g broccoli
    1/4 cups of mixed nuts
    One glass of water

    100g fish/ chicken/ turkey/ beef
    2 hand Full's of spinach
    1/2 chopped pepper
    75g brown rice
    Glass of water

    9pm 5 egg whites and 2 yolks

    10pm 200g Greek yogurt plan
    Glass of water

    I use Nitrotech per work out two scoops
    And vege labs soy protein post work out

    Looking at adding:

    Creatine mono
    Eph 25 around 1pm or mixed with ENUWLS

    Recommendations on timing unless stated?

    Thanks guys I've had no input on this I though I could ask away any receive info straight up but I'm fully in the knowledge that if you want to know it do it your self!

    I need clarification if what I have designed is looking strong?

  3. gl reaching ur goal u can do it!!

  4. I have realised I don't want to drop this quickly. I have lost 5lbs in a week!! That's on 2250-2500 cals and one drunken mess. I believe I need to re assess my bmr. Still training and have added phd weight loss whey with green tea and L Agramine??
    8g carbs per 35g of pro this has replaced the nitro tec.
    Added BCAA and Creotine this week.

    Will up Date further later today.


  5. Back in a 34" waist from a 36" cuts going well

  6. Update at week 3.

    I have varied the daily intakes but stuck to it as much as possible! The odd drunken night at week 2. But here are my stats so far:

    Week three cut:
    15.3 stone
    Water 50.1%
    BMR 2050
    Body fat 25.4
    Muscle mass 40%
    Visceral 12
    Body mass
    BMi 28.3

  7. Week three cut:
    15.3 stone
    Water 50.1%
    BMR 2050
    Body fat 25.4
    Muscle mass 40%
    Visceral 12
    Body mass
    BMi 28.3

    Update! Had a few cheat meals! Lasagne, mcD's on my only drinking day!

    Considering pushing 8 weeks?? Opinions?

  8. Yeah I was considering stacking:

    Elites ultimate weight loss stack in the morning fasted for the effects on yhombine then EpH25 at 12 is for ECA would you recommend this as that's a lot of stims I am now well adjusted to the Dimeth and have used eph three times.

  9. Going to have 10'weeks of bulk on a new idea plan and then another 4 week cut! Using this method plus erase, anabeta and Sns DAA

  10. Been a lurker foreva...i've subbed good luck!

  11. Cheers bro! I read everyday but don't post much ( nothing interesting to say lol)


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