Help with training

  1. Help with training

    if any1 could gime any help thatd be great coz ive seemed to stop growing.
    im 6"4' 100-105kg(220-230lbs) training for (1 year on and off) and 1 straight year.
    the foods i eat arnt perfect but trust me i do eat ALOT.
    and when i train my muscles dont recover for a while (3-4 days sometimes even a week) and i doubt i overtrain. me and my mate train together (same excersises, same weight) hes shorter than me and he still seems to recover quicker. any help would be great.
    Thanks heaps man

  2. Define your eating schedule and the actual amount(roughly) of average caloric intake, along with the amount in grams or your protein/carb/fat ratio. Sleep plays a large factor in recovery also. Your weight training program would also be helpful. Try to be specific if you wish specific help basically.

  3. umm roughly have about 150-200 grams of protein, carbs and fat i dont really count so im not too sure.
    i know the protein part isnt enough but its soo hard to get so much protein in.

  4. Do you use shakes and spread your meals throughout the day? I would try increasing the amount of protein you ingest via shakes. Cheap and effective. Also the amount of carbs and good fats is important to quality gains. When I bulked naturally to just under 250 at my peak I ate upwards of 300-350 grams of protein per day. You may get by on less than what is usually recommended, you may not.Right now I would say your diet is lacking and diet is one of the most important keys to your success. Read more and dial it in for progress.

  5. what is your normal diet and workout routine so we can get a better understanding of what your problem is. how is your sleep? sleep is where you recover and grow
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  6. Is your mate stronger than you? Are you trying to lift the same weight as him? YES, sleep is vital, and you can always take in a 30-50 gm protein shake, with flax oil, peanut butter, or cottage cheese with some fruit before bed. It will keep you in a positive nitrogen balance at night. Then a hearty breakfast, and try not to go more than 3 hours without eating.

  7. yes, eat every 2 - 3 hours


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