1. Question Clarification

    ... so, is natural bodybuilding basically the non-AAS version of BB? In other words, it seems like you're still allowed to use other supps like natural test boosters, pre-WO stims, etc.

    Using eating as an analogy, is natural BB the equivalent of ovo-lacto vegetarian? AAS BB would be the meat eaters, and no-supplement BB would be the vegans.

  2. You know, that is a really good question. I like to call it OTC bodybuilding. I guess it cover all substances non hormonal in nature. Natty test boosters are legal in tested comps though. ????? I don't know for sure.

    The really funny thing is that the FDA could possibly make all bodybuiders "enhanced". That is if we let Congress be our morale compass.

    I guess in short it probably is, for the sake of this board, AAS and Prohormone free.

  3. It would also cover (in the UK at least) Aromatase inhibitors (many of which are steriodal), including ATD and 6-Bromo and SERM'S such as Raloxifene, Toremifen, Nolva and clomid, and other "supplements such as Ephedrin. Ultimately you need to look at what the fed you wish to compete in has on its banned list - the one used by the IOC should be the standard.

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