Rosie's Review of MuscleGel Shots (Tropical Mango flavour)

  1. Rosie's Review of MuscleGel Shots (Tropical Mango flavour)

    I've wanted to try MuscleGel Shots since I first heard about them, and after buying a box, it's time to give my thoughts . . .

    What is it?

    * Build lean muscle
    * Fuel fat loss
    * Recover faster
    * Fast, convenient, and complete

    For the product write-up, please see Muscle Pharm FitGel Series - MuscleGel Shots.

    Formula: 10/10. 22g of protein, no sugar, and no fat makes MuscleGel Shots perfect for my wants and needs. As with all of their products, Muscle Pharm has delivered another awesome formula with their MuscleGel Shots.

    Smell: 8/10. On opening the MuscleGel Shot, you can't actually smell it unless you put your nose right up to it. Faint smell of mangoes.

    Taste: 7/10. I have the Tropical Mango flavour. Initial taste is like a burst of fruit in your mouth, and it's not until you've had it in your mouth for a little that the mango flavour really comes through.

    Texture: 10/10. Smooth and silky and slides down your throat. Looking at the gel actually reminds me of a roll-up.

    Convenience: 10/10. You don't have to mix it with water. You don't have to use a huge shaker. You don't have to inconveniently lug around tubs and shakers, or bags with powder in, to make sure you get your protein when you want it. MuscleGel Shots fit anywhere and can be taken whenever and wherever you want, gone as quickly or as slowly as you desire.

    Body Composition: N/A. MuscleGel Shots would not be directly responsible for any changes in body composition, but they could make fat loss or muscle gains more convenient and ensure that nutritional requirements for both are met.

    Recovery: N/A. Definitely a fast and convenient product for use immediately following training, allowing for a kickstart on recovery.

    Overall: 9/10. Although, MuscleGel Shots are slightly pricier than protein powder, for the ease and convenience of the product and the fact that protein powder now upsets my stomach, alongside BCAAs, they are my chosen source for protein.

    Would I use again? Yes. I want to try different flavours as well.

    Would I recommend? Yes.

    This review can also be found at post #249 of my log Will Alpha-T2 Fight Against or Work With the Female Terminator? in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subforum.

  2. Im pretty jealous, I have yet to try the mango flavor. Im glad you liked them.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Im pretty jealous, I have yet to try the mango flavor. Im glad you liked them.
    O'rly? Would have thought you guys got to at least try one of each flavour . . .

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