Muscle Gelz is having some issue right now on various sites. BITCOIN still works and we can do orders manually, please read below!!!

If you wish to order, we have to do them manually for the next few days. Again, this is only temporary.

This is how to do it:

EMAIL. [email protected]

Provide the following INFO in FULL.

1) Provide exact details of the items you wish to order!

2) Email the REP code: you wish to use

Such as mace15 to receive your 15% off!!
Or which ever rep code you are using.

3) Email your username and which forum you are on.

4) Email the shipping address

5) Make sure the email address you are sending from will be able to receive an invoice sent to it , and please pay the invoice within 24 hours.

The process:

You will receive an invoice within 24 hours. Tracking should be provided within 24-48 hrs!

Thank you and sorry about thia temporary inconvenience! Mace.