The Super Duper X Factor testing stacking thing: Part 2

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    BTW JJohn. If I have an extra bottle of XF (I have one laying around), could I do 60 days at 1.25 if selected?
    Yes no problem!

  2. Ab's application

    Vital stats: 22/Female/5"5'
    Weight: ~128lbs

    Goals: Been adding a little bit of mass for the past few months, eating a lot and keeping training/cardio at decent levels. Now since it is summer, time to eat a little less and workout a little bit more ==> recomp/fat loss - I love lifting and cardio , but something to make my sessions go breezier, whilst helping me augment my body would be great too.

    5 days per week

    8 times per week - includes high intensity, moderate intensity, intervals: Spinning, boxing, high and impact aerobic classes, GPP, step, skipping, cardio machines.

    Diet: 1600-2000 cals (carb cycling) + 2 cheats per week.. 6 meals:
    Pwo stuff
    Carb (eg rice)/meat/veg
    Casein shake.

    Current supps: Been taking a bit of a hiatus wrt supps to give my body a break.

    Multi, Calcium, Gut Health, Green tea, Bcaas.

    Red acid on occassion.


    Haven't done any for a while because I haven't seen anything take my fancy.. in the past I have a stack on,

    My current workout journal is here:

    The Body is Evil and Must be Punished - Forums

    Logs on AM:

    ab + dcp = :D
    asianbabe's PAL transformation
    be my PAL!
    asianbabe gets down on red acid v2

    Preferred stacks:
    (I'll add in my own DCP because I think DCP + Xfactor will be siick!)

    MN + AN - coz of all the hype !!
    or MN + AX (Depending on what AX has)
    MN + DS also looks interesting but looking for feedback by people who have tried this, since I haven't used either, not sure if it would be too much on the joints?



  3. Wow this is like Anabolic Minds role call. LOL
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  4. I would jump all up in this.... except logging is not my forte. I am a busy man these days.......

    Best of luck to all applicants.

    P.S.~ You WANT that AN/MN stack..... trust me....
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Better Results Through Science
    Success occurs when everything you have is APPLIED.
    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

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    I would jump all up in this.... except logging is not my forte. I am a busy man these days.......

    Best of luck to all applicants.

    P.S.~ You WANT that AN/MN stack..... trust me....
    Pfffffftt Busy man :P

  6. Maybe 3rd time is the charm to log XF??

    I train MMA, but still embrace a hybrid BB/PL training style. I run between 15-25 miles a week and have been training seriously for 4 years now.

    Mon-Chest, Back, Biceps/MMA
    Tues-Legs, Abs/BJJ
    Thur-Chest, Back, Abs/BJJ
    Sat-Triceps, Delts, Traps

    200-215g Protein
    250-400g Carbs
    50-80g Fats

    I vary my macros depending on the intensity and volume of the day along with my relative energy levels.

    Staple Supps
    Egg/Casein Protein

    I would prefer to run either the XF/RPM/Drive stack or the XF/DCP stack since I have previously used these supplements, except for the XF, and know what effect they have on me. I will also be using my own Napalm during the stack to lower my abdominal fat.

    Previous Logs
    My training/supps leading to 155
    Rodja's PAL Sponsored Transformation
    Rodja's Activate Extreme Test
    Rodja's JW/Pro-Anabol Log
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Since I'm already running X you should hook me up with some other goodies to add in

    X Factor
    ON Whey
    White Flood

    Morning- 2 cups oats in skim milk
    Mid morning- 1 turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce
    Lunch- protein shake and another turkey sandwich
    Pre workout- White Flood+ 2 X
    During workout- Xtend
    After workout- 2 scoops protein+glutamine+2 X
    Dinner- salad+ either canned turkey, canned tuna, or chicken breasts
    Bed- casein

    Workout plan-
    Monday Chest
    Tuesday Bi's
    Wedsday Shoulders
    Thursday Tri's
    Friday Back
    Saturday Legs
    Sunday off

  8. Wowzers nice! I'm officially putting in an application too. I'll update this post with my full app. I might have to withdraw though if I win some X Factor from your picture contest JJohn I think, because I might start it before

    Alright here`s my application:

    Age: 19
    155 at 6%ish bf
    Current Phase:Lean Bulk

    Background: I started weight training for fun starting at 14, and did competitive rugby and soccer during high school. In my freshman year at university things went downhill because I was forced to go on a mealplan with terrible options that caused a lot of weight loss. After finishing my year and getting off the meal plan I`ve been lean bulking. It took me over 2 months to figure my personal nutritional requirements along with alot of online reading and questions, and I still am constantly tweaking and experimenting. After this phase I started lean bulking, up from 3% to my current 6.5%. I`ve had the chance along the way to log a few products, and started a few more bulk products at the end of 2007 including Yellow Gold, Beta Alanine, Green Tea and Powerful.

    I of course agree to all the conditions JJohn ,and I have progress pics from the last 8 months and a food log of my last year straight (and it is interesting how it has changed), as well as body scans done atleast once a month (i.e. I can get one pre-log, midway and post).

    3000 cal daily (Maintenance + 500).
    40% Carbs (300g ) 30% Protein (225g) 30% Fats (100g)

    Pre-WO Meal 1: 7h00 100g Steelcut Oats, Scoop Whey, 2 Tbsp Flax
    8h15-9h15: Workout with 2 scoops Lemonade Xtend
    Meal 29h20 Scoop WPI,Ground Oats,100g Frozen Banana
    PWO Meal 310h20 70g Complex Carbs (Usually sweetpotato + Biscotti) 100g Chicken Breast
    Meal 4 13h30 Beef Chili with Extra Frozen Veggies (Staple frozen in tupperwares), Tsp Fish Oil
    Meal 5 16h30 Grilled Wholewheat Salmon Wrap, Broccoli
    Meal 6 19h302 Egg 0.5cup Eggwhite Omelette + Lowfat Cheese,Tsp Fish Oil, Carrots
    21h20 1.6g bulk 1-Carboxy,2 of Nutraplanet`s ZMT,2.5g GABA
    Meal 7 If hungry, will have some fats from nuts of fish oil + clean protein like chicken breast

    I really find the porridge 1.5hours before working out gives me the energy to make it through the workout. If I have to workout within 1hour of my breakfast, I skip my post-WO shake and have a solid meal with almost no fats because I find my breakfast is still mid-digestion giving me the required energy.

    In general my diet follows the guidelines suggested by Dr. John Berardi, with carbs and fats being separated, and my carbs meals are earlier in the day. I almost always train in the morning, or by noon at the latest.

    I also understand the nutritional requirements to properly run an X Factor log having done considerable reading into this product, and am willing to follow the diet exactly as required. I`ve actually gotten to know my local butcher so I can get some pretty good deals on meat now! Switching my salmon wrap for a beef or chicken wrap is no problem at all. I have grown very used to my high omega-3 intake which I find helps with mood and energy, but I am quite willing to switch out my omega-3`s to see the potential of AA instead.

    Current Supplements
    Daily Multivitamin, Vitamin C (500mgx5), Green Tea Extract (2x400mg), Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate, Tricreatine Malate (Bulk 2x2.5g), Beta-Alanine (2x2g), Yellow Gold (600mg 15mins pre high-carb meals)


    Weights (6 day cycle)
    Day 1- Lower Body
    Squats- 4 x 8 (2,0,2)
    Seated Leg Press- 3x12 (3,0,3) no *******
    Leg Extensions- 4x10 supersetting with Leg Curls- 4x10
    Machine-Squat- 4x10 (3,0,3)
    Calf Raises and Calf Presses 3x10
    Barbell Lunges 3x10 supsersetted with Front Squats 3x10

    Day 2- Upper body Horizontal
    Widegrip Bench Press- 4x8
    Widegrip Barbell Row- 4x10
    Incline Bench Press 4x10 Supersetted with Low Row 4x10
    Preacher Curls - 4x10 Superseeted with Skullcrushers 4x10

    Day 3- Abs or rest
    Depending on how sore I feel and my school schedule, this is either an abs workout or a rest day.

    Day 4- Legs Similar to Day-1 replacing squats with abs
    Stiff-Leg Deadlifts 5x7
    Calf Raises and Seated Presses
    High Leg Presses 4x8 Supersetted with Cable Crunches
    Leg Curls 4x10 Supersetted with Leg Extensions 4x10
    Machine Squats 4x10 Supersetted with Leg Raises (lower abs)
    Swiss Ball Ab Work

    Day 5- Upper body vertical
    Shoulder Press 4x10 Supersetted Isolateral Pulldowns 4x10
    Dips 4 Sets to exhaustion
    Pullovers 4x10 Supersetted with Shrugs 4x10
    Back Fly 4x10 Supersetted with Pec Flyes 4x10
    Pullups 4 sets to Exhaustion

    Day 6- Rest

    Stack Choice:
    I am very interested in logging the X Factor + Drive + RPM stack. I followed cellar`s log carefully and was really interested in the results (I thought cellar would have increased his PR`s more though judging by all the green lights :P ). It took me a while to get my diet in check, then once I had that I got a few basic supplements in and now over the last few months I`ve really dialed in and tried a few different supplements. By the end of this month I will have been on these staples for 3 months with almost no change in my diet or training except minor tweaks, and I`m interested in trying something new. From my samples of RPM I found it was hit or miss; some doses I felt had no effects meanwhile I remember two times having the best workouts ever on RPM so I believe if I figure out the proper dosing I will be able to have some great workouts. I also like how RPM doesn`t have too much caffeine in it. I found when logging white flood for 50 days (200mg of caffeine approx.) I started having problems falling asleep over time. My experience from the Drive sample is non-conclusive, I didn`t feel anything but I think it`s because it is a cumulative effect like cellar noticed and 6 caps over 3 days didn`t really cut it. I am interested in seeing if this combo can produce the safe effects for me, another university student, as it did for cellar.

    My previous logs of mine on AM:
    YELLOW GOLD - Is it Magic? (Unsponsored Log)
    DIESEL: Trib Test Extreme and Coq Diesel Log (Sponsored)
    Steveo's Sponsored White Flood + Green Mag Log
    IntraXcell (Beta-Alanine) Sponsored Log
    Steveo's Axis Labs SMASH Log

    Now that I have my diet and nutrition dialed in, I feel ready to try something a bit different. I`m a sucker for mystery items, so the Anabolic Xtreme products are something I`m also very interested in, but I don`t know exactly if these mystery products are for me. Also having no affiliations with any company I give honest reviews (If it tastes bad, IT TASTES BAD! If I thought it tasted like dish detergent I`ll tell you (lol that`s from an old review of I think 1st gen Steeledge) ) and I know how important it is to be consistent. Hope that`s enough info for you , and best of luck to all loggers, there`s going to be a lot!
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  9. BOHICA's Application

    I am applying for either the X-Factor + Drive + RPM or the X-Factor + AX Unknown Product

    I have been lifting weights for ten years now and in the past 4 really gotten my nutrition down. I have taken myself from 145lbs to 235 (currently sitting at a lean 210)while still keeping myself in shape for athletics. I am a strength and conditioning coach with a certification in nutrition that has been developing collegiate and pro athletes the past 3 years.

    Previous Logs
    I logged the original superdrol and the Beta of Activate from Designer Supplements, Mega Dosed Excell from Anabolic Innovations.

    Training Knowledge
    I have been trained by both Doggcrapp, and Bobo; and have implemented a lot of Bobo's nutritional information into my diet and DC's training into my routines. Not to mention things I have learned and discovered during my certifications, internships, and strength and conditioning positions.

    Team Skip True Protein
    Whey Ion True Protein
    Douglas Lab's Fish Oil
    Douglas Lab's Ultra Preventive X Multi-Vitamin

    Monday: Chest & Biceps
    DB Bench Press - Work up to 1x4-6 Reps
    Hammer Strength Incline - RP Set of 12-18 Reps
    Bench Press - 1x15-20 Reps
    Blast Strap Pushups - 2x12-15

    Barbell Curl - Work up to 1x4-6 Reps
    Curl Machine - RP Set of 10-15 Reps
    Bicep Body Drags - 1x15-20

    Weighted Cable Crunches: 3x10

    Tuesday: Legs
    Squats - Work up to 1x4-6 Reps
    Front Squats - RP Set of 10-15 Reps
    One Legged Squats - 1x15-20 Each Leg
    SLDL - 2x10-12
    Seated Leg Curl - 2x10
    Calf Raised - DC style 2x12-15

    Wednesday: Cardio & Sauna
    30 Minutes low intensity cardio
    20-30 Minutes in sauna

    Thursday: Shoulders & Triceps
    DB Overhead Press - 1x4-6 Reps
    Hammer Shoulder Press - RP Set of 12-18 Reps
    Laterals - 1x15-20

    DB Overhead Extension - 1x4-6
    Dips - RP Set of 12-16 Reps
    Overhead Rope Pulls - 1x15-20

    Friday: Back & Grip
    Deadlifts - 1x4-6
    Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns - RP Set 10-16 Reps
    Wide Grip Seated Rows - RP Set 10-16 Reps
    Blast Strap Pullups Neutral Grip - 2x6-10

    Farmer's Walks - 2x Max Time/Distance

    Ab Circuit - 20seconds each station 3 stations - repeat 3x

    Sat & Sun: Off

    Wake Up:
    Cup Coffee
    1 Scoop Whey Shake
    1 Piece Fruit

    2 Scoops Whey
    2 Cups FF Milk
    2 Cups Rice Crispies blended up (I'm poor )

    Multi-Grain Bagel
    4 tbsp. Natural PB
    1 Bananna
    2 Scoops Team Skip Protein

    All I Can Eat Sushi (Company pays for it)

    Turkey Chilli no Beans w/Multi-Grain Goldfish

    Deer Steak (12oz)
    Salad with Feta Cheese & Olive Oil

    Bed Time Snack:
    Cottage Cheese
    Natural PB
    Team Skip Protein

    I want to be back up to 220 and lean by beginning of April. I want to get my max back up to:
    Bench: 405x2
    Squat: 500x2
    DL: 575x1

    I have previously reached those before, except DL which my PR is 550.

    I have had a difficult past 2 months and am really hit it hard again this past week and will continue now that I have everything worked out.

    I really want to post more on AM and need a reason to
    So let me help.
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    Wowzers nice! I'm officially putting in an application too. I'll update this post with my full app. I might have to withdraw though if I win some X Factor from your picture contest JJohn I think, because I might start it before
    Okay no prob!

  11. Well JJohn you know im in bro. Diet is on point. I have my first fight in may so id love to stack X-factor DCP as ive used em both seperately before and loved it. Before and After pics can most definately be posted ( ill make sure of this ). Diet will be low carbs high protein and healthy fats. Training is crazy atleast 5 days a week in the gym and 3 days a week mma!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT View Post
    Well JJohn you know im in bro. Diet is on point. I have my first fight in may so id love to stack X-factor DCP as ive used em both seperately before and loved it. Before and After pics can most definately be posted ( ill make sure of this ). Diet will be low carbs high protein and healthy fats. Training is crazy atleast 5 days a week in the gym and 3 days a week mma!
    Good stuff! Please include some details if you have time, macros etc.. It's always nice to know what background you come from

  13. DAMNN I want in on this!!!

    I'm a long time member at rlif...Holla!

  14. SUP GUYS.

    I guess ill put down an application to see how it goes. Im intrested in that AX product. I was the original tester to X-factor and Drive with some RPM. I looooooved it

    I hope AX has more than one product stacked with X-Factor cause that would be truely awesome.

    My stats are here.

    18 years old
    16-17% body fat?
    209 pounds (still gaining after X-Factor baby )
    My goals are to gain some lean mass while cutting out some fat. I had great success with my last x-factor stack and I look forward to this. Everyone knows im good for some detailed quality logging right?


    If picked, I will run X-Factor on a cut most likely. Ive bulked with X-Factor and I loved it. Id love to use a supplement to help keep gains on my cut. A stack consisting of AX (which Ive been DYING to try. John would know and X-Factor would be superb!) Im hoping to make some decent steady gains while on X-Factor on a cut. I think the combination of X-Factor with the new and upcoming AX products is just what I need.

  15. he he he

    for the record I'm 23 in case there might be legal issues

    B-day was November 24th.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BOHICA View Post
    All I Can Eat Sushi (Company pays for it)
    you lucky bastard!!!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    you lucky bastard!!!
    lol it's about all they pay for, so I have to maximize it. I moved my lifting time to the morning to really benefit of cramming down that much sushi into my mouth.

  18. I'm in....I'm on Winter Break right now and having nothing to do but hit the weights. I'm trying to gain mass....I was going to do the xfactor, rpm, drive stack...

    Eating 160-200 g of protein a day (weigh 160). Med-High Carbs. I eat about 5-6 small meals a day, rougly 3000+ calories.

    Just started a 4 day Split (Upper Push, Lower heavy, Upper Pull, Lower moderate)

    current stats:
    bench: 290lbs
    squat: 380lbs

  19. Quote Originally Posted by BOHICA View Post
    lol it's about all they pay for, so I have to maximize it. I moved my lifting time to the morning to really benefit of cramming down that much sushi into my mouth.
    Haha! Sushi is great stuff! Just be carefull, and if you get selected, you'll have to slow down on some fatty fishes. Something to consider.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    Haha! Sushi is great stuff! Just be carefull, and if you get selected, you'll have to slow down on some fatty fishes. Something to consider.
    I vary it up now. I can only eat so much tuna or salmon sushi. I get a lot of eel, yellowtail, or shrimp now. It also depends on where I choose to take people to lunch, a lot of people really like free sushi meals, so I end up there a lot.

    That is another reason I am wanting to run one of these stacks so I can cut down on the fish oil and see how my body goes.

  21. jjohn when will we know who is selected?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by wrasslin116 View Post
    jjohn when will we know who is selected?
    Should be at the end of Jan if everything goes well. We have a lot of spots to fill I just want to make sure everyone who wants in and is logging now can have a fair chance.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    Good stuff! Please include some details if you have time, macros etc.. It's always nice to know what background you come from
    Background: Came from a very well rounded bodybuilder training style but have since fallen in love with mma. While i still train like a bodybuilder i incorporate a lot of my stuff we do in mma while i train as well. Its been very hard for me as im doin a ton of cardio but im lovin how im lookin and im still stayin nice n muscular!

    Macros: Never really have been one to keep track of these per say. Atleast 350gms of protein a day, 6 meals, less then 25gms of carbs a meal ( unless i decide to eat more for breakfast) and fats are around 15-20gms per meal.

    Training Split:
    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Light chest and mma after
    Wednesday: Just mma
    Thursday: Arms and mma
    Friday: Shoulders

    Weekend is my catchup days, whatever i feel im weak on. I also run or do cardio for atleast 30 mins everyday.

    Sitting at 185 and must lose around 15 lbs in the next 4 months while keeping my strength and muscle. So far so good been losing it very slow which im completely ok with but im ready to kick it up a notch!

  24. Well here it goes! I would apply for either of those stacks, I am interested in burning some fat while building some muscle. You can see some current pic of me here:

    I will log here on AM and also should I be chosen. Stats are listed below:

    Age: 32
    Weight: 215
    BF: 15% to 18% approx

    Work out is a 4 day split:

    Lat Pull Overs

    Good Mornings
    Leg Extensions
    Calf Raises

    Concentration Curls
    Barbell Curls

    Shoulder Press
    Front Raises
    Lateral Raises
    Laying Tri Extensions
    Push Downs

    Daily Routine/Meals are as follows:

    7 am
    Upon waking *White Flood*
    *Extend* during am work out
    *Green Mag* Immediately following workout with 1 cup of oats, 1 scoop of whey, 1/2 cup egg whites and a handful of berries

    10 am
    2 eggs
    6 egg whites
    1/2 cup oatmeal

    12oz chicken breast
    1cup broccoli

    3:30 pm
    12oz chicken breast
    1 cup mixed veggies

    7 pm
    12oz chicken breast
    1 cup broccoli

    10 pm
    1/2 cup berries
    1/2 cup cottage cheese

    Diet can and will vary as I get bored but I tend to not stray too far from that every day.

    Current Supplements:
    Controlled Labs White Flood
    Controlled Labs Green Magnitude
    Controlled Labs Purple Wraath
    Scivation Extend
    Multi Vitamin
    Fish oil (will stop if chosen)

    I have ran X factor before with Activate Xtreme and had some awesome results. I look forward to be possibly chosen to log and do these new stacks and post some justice on the boards! I am very regimented in my work outs and daily lifestyle. My work schedule and workplace is very laid back which allows me to eat and drink at my own scheduled times. Thanks for looking this over.

  25. Age:19

    Height: 6'


    Approximate bf%: 11-12%

    Current training routine:Monday Chest/abs Tuesday Back Wednesday Shoulders/legs Thursday Arms Friday Chest again

    Diet macros: Bulking so shoot for 3500+ calories, try to get 200+ grams of protein a day, then the rest is carbs and makeing sure i have a decent amount of fat
    What supps have you used in the past: Shock therapy, storm, CEE, mono, ON's whey, real gains, Armageddon, Dymatize Mega Gainer

    What supps you are using:Whey, Multi, flax, Real Gains

    Goals: Put on as much muscle without worrying about fat too much until around May

    Which Stack?: Of course the Drive and RPM, the lean extreme and the mystery AX sound intriguing especially if its the new Mass fx extreme ive been hearing about

  26. Whoooooaaaaa!! JJ those are some sick stacks you have set up there... always wanted to try Xfactor but worried what it will do to my joints... just picked up a whole bunch of super cissus so its not much of a worry now....

    Taking drive right now so id be more then happy to continue on with the AN stack and also could never turn down a chance to try an AX innovation, never a dissapointment.

    Im currently trying to lean bulk so in actuality id be happy with ANY of the above stacks to throw on some quality mass while keeping the fat down with more then just a strict diet.

    heres my official app....

    Personal Stats:
    Age: 23 (24 on the 22nd of Jan)
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 182
    BF%: Low teens... upper abs show through but have a tiny bit of paddin on lower 2 and lower back... any of these stacks should make em all show
    years lift: 6 on and off

    Current Supps:
    Drive- @4caps on off days and @6caps on w/o days
    Creatine Gluconate- @ 2.4g morn pre and post w/o and 2.4g 2X a day on off days
    Citrulline Malate- 2.8g morn and preworkout
    Beta Alanine- 2g morn and 2g pre/through workout
    AEE- 2g morn and preworkout
    Super Cissus- ~1400mg morn, pre and post and before bed.
    1-Carboxy- 800mg 30min before bed and upon waking

    weight gain shake (cal 841)
    F 25.5g
    C 109g
    p 76g

    eggs/yogurt&grapenuts (cal 613)
    F 15g
    C 86g
    p 30g

    jerky (cal 81)
    F 1g
    C 7g
    P 11g
    Pro Bar (cal 180)
    F 6g
    C 16g
    P 15g

    Chicken Breast/noodles (cal 363)
    F 3g
    C 43g
    P 41g

    pre w/o shake(same as morn shake)
    weight gain shake (cal 841)
    F 25.5g
    C 109g
    p 76g

    post w/o shake
    pro shake (cal 242)
    F 5.5g
    C 21g
    P 57g

    can O tuna (cal 174)
    F 2.5g
    C 0g
    P 38g

    Steak/chicken/pork and noodles (cal 578/363/466.5)
    F 14g/ 3g /10.5g
    C 43g/43g/43g
    P 64g/41g/60g

    night time shake (same as p.w.o.)
    pro shake (cal 242)
    F 5.5g
    C 21g
    P 57g

    Cal ~3950
    F ~93.5g (cal 841.5) ~21%
    C ~335g (cal 1340) ~33%
    p ~443g (cal 1772) ~44%

    Planned routine (subject to change based on progression):
    4on 3off
    DB press 4x10
    Decline DB Press 4x10
    incline DB press 4x10
    seated machined flys 4x10
    Rope pulldowns 4x10
    reverse grip pulldown 4x10
    press down 4x10
    seated BB skullcrusher 3x10

    BB lat pull down 4x10
    hammer strength iso pulsdowns 4x10
    seated rows 4x10
    Upright Rows 4x10
    DB Curls 3x10
    BB reverse grip curl 3x10
    Cable curls 3x10


    arnold press 4x10
    lateral raises 4x10
    shoulder press 4x10
    Shrugs 4x10
    Standing(or laying backwards on high incline)DB row 4x10

    Squats 4x10 (not doing these for now till back is 100%)
    leg curls 4x10
    leg raises 4x10
    leg press followed by calf presses 4x10/15

    Off or sometimes fill in w/o for arms or boxing class.


    Previous Logs:

    M-tryin M-TRN

    Poopy's Epi Log

    Poops Propadrol Log.

    Poops Activate Extreme Testers Log

    **Poops DRIVE to recomp**

    Forums that I can concurrently post log
    Bodybuilding Forum - Supplement Review - Forum - Powered by vBulletin - The Future Of Bodybuilding! Huge Bodybuilding Site.
    Lift. Eat. Rest. Repeat. SeriousMuscle.Net

    and if chosen for AX stack
    Anabolic Xtreme Forum (Powered by Invision Power Board)
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  27. Hey jjohn I've sent you an email with my info. Yeah! Taking creatine during this cycle would be ok right?

    In the past two
    months I have put on 25 pounds of lean mass just taking protein,
    BCAA's, and keeping a good diet. Who knows what can happen if/when I
    try something you give me! I'm already pretty lean, so I wouldn't
    want the fat cutting stuff, but more like the mass building supps.
    Here are some details, let me know if you need more and thanks for
    your consideration. - Jeremy West aka nightowlman

    Personal stats:
    23 yrs old
    203 lbs

    Training split(likely to change based on progress with the supplements):

    day 1: heavy chest/light shoulders > 4 exercises x 4 sets/3 sets 3 exercises
    day 2:back/calves/forearms > 5 exercises x 4 sets/2 exercises x 4
    sets/1 exercise x 4 sets
    day 3: bi's/tri's > 4 exercises x 4 sets/4 exercises x 4 sets
    day 4: rest
    day 5: light chest, heavy shoulders > 3 sets 3 exercises/5 exercises x 4 sets
    day 6: legs/forearms > 3 sets 3 exercises/1 exercise x 4 sets
    day 7: rest
    +abs every other day


    Meal 1: Oatmeal w/ walnuts, 4 eggs, 50g protein shake
    Meal 2: 2 Tuna or turkey sandwiches
    Meal 3: Tuna or turkey sandwich
    Meal 4: Burger and veggies
    Pre-workout: 50g protein shake
    Post-workout: 50g protein shake, salmon and veggies
    Optional snack: A sandwich, cereal or something

    I already log every workout (5x per week), and take pictures, so doing
    this for the test won't be an issue at all.
    Last edited by nightowlman; 01-01-2008 at 03:32 AM. Reason: adding info

  28. choose me!!! seriously i could go for the AN + Xfactor spot!!!

  29. Quote Originally Posted by nightowlman View Post
    Taking creatine during this cycle would be ok right?
    Yeah no prob!

  30. Lots of great apps so far!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  31. official application signed in blood

    Age: 22
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 177
    BF: 12% (caliper)

    Current Supps:

    My during-workout man-lixer:
    Nimbus blast
    beta alanine
    acety l carnitine

    betaine hcl

    clean paleo with carb cycling full blown once a week post workout. Typical diet:

    7 AM: 3 egg whites, 1/3 lb veggies
    9 AM protein shake (with 1/2 cup fruit, usually blueberries)
    11 AM: carb balance wrap with ff cold cuts, ff cheese and lettuce
    1 PM: protein shake
    3 PM: chicken breast, 1/2 lb veggies
    5 PM: protein shake
    7 PM: lots o veggies
    and some more protein through the rest of the night

    Training regimen:
    just went from a push/pull split with legs twice a week to a more specific split

    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Back/bis
    Wednesday: legs
    Thursday: shoulders
    Friday: cardio
    Saturday: back/bis
    Sunday: off

    I am a medical student that concentrates very heavily on the biochem/endocrine/hormones aspect of diet and how supps work. If you accept my application I will be able to give a pretty detailed and medically oriented view of what is going on with this stuff.

    I am interested in any of the stacks except the drive/rpm, because I just got off of that stack. I could cut or grow, let me know.

    My background wouldn't be complete without mentioning that I have just lost 30 lbs in the last 4 months (living at the frat house was not kind to my physique) but med school has obliged a very disciplined lifestyle that has gotten me back to center. This would be a great opportunity to keep me disciplined, and I would be able to consistently give a detailed report, and I promise to meet the requirements!

  32. Very interested. I have had great luck with RPM and Drive but would be interested in any of them.

    I workout 1st thing in the morning and lift weights 5 days/week splits and I try to get 3 cardio workouts in/week.

    My usual diet is as follows:

    Pre-Workout: 20g Protein and Banana
    Post-Workout: 20g Protein, pure creatine, and English Muffin

    Snack: chicken and green veggies

    Lunch: 4 oz protein, 1 c spinach or sweet potato, non-fat yogurt

    Snack: 20g protein and fruit

    Supper: Protein, green veggies, and quinoa

    Snack: 20g protein

    Experienced lifter and very committed to the gym. Just started a more disciplined diet and I'm looking to lose a little fat and tone up more.

  33. wow, i would absolutely love to log these. i plan on taking X factor at around that time anyways.

    training will be as follows:
    day 1: chest tris
    day 2:back bis
    3:legs lower back
    4: shoulders traps
    5: rest
    6: repeat

    as far as diet, i plan on eating 200g protein a day, 300g carbs 50g fat.

  34. Quote Originally Posted by DedicatedEST View Post
    DAMNN I want in on this!!!

    I'm a long time member at rlif...Holla!

    sup bro
  35. Wow, I'm in...

    I normally don't respond to these free log offers (although I have run a few logs in the past), but this is really too good to pass up. Four of the five stacks are very similar to ones that I've put together myself for past/future use.

    AGE: 26
    Height: 5-10
    Weight: ~185

    Personal Background/Experience: I began training in high school for football and cross country. I was a distance runner, and trained mainly for endurance. Freshman year of college I really began to change my training protocol and adopted more of a powerlifting routine. Currently, my goals have evolved to a more of a constant recomp. I'm more interested in maintaining a good physique and healthy lifestyle than achieving the really heavy lifts.

    Education: Currently have a BS in Exercise Science, an MS in nutrition, and am in my 3rd year of medical school.

    Diet: My diet is typically right around the 40 carbs/35 protein/25 fat ratio. I tweak it every once and a while depending on how my body responds to the current training protocol. If I'm dieting, I'll usually lower the carbs a bit and increase the protein/fat numbers while lowering total calories within a couple hundred of maintenance.

    Current Routine:
    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Chest/Abs
    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday: Legs
    Friday: Shoulders/Abs
    Sat: Biceps/Triceps
    Sun: off

    Cardio around 4-5 days per week, right after resistance training.

    Current Supplements:
    Whey protein
    Fish oil
    Sesamin oil
    Clear Edge
    Whatever caffeine/stimulant I grab in the morning.

  36. im thinking We need more options for logs still jjohn

    Napalm + Xfactor lo0oks amazing btw!

  37. Greetings My Breathren:

    Hgt: 6'3
    Wgt: 219lbs
    BF: 11.2%
    Years training right: 5.7
    AM member: Close to 5 years. Which makes me... OGM Original Gangsta Motiv8er! HA!

    Goals: I am in a mass gaining cycle as we speak. But the emphasis in on lean gains, if I can put on 10-15lbs over 3 months of solid muscle with minimum fat gain, I would be very happy.

    There are supplements*** involved to speed the process. ( The supplements might look like 750 mgs of test, tren, and possible superdrol) But then again, this is all imaginary role playing.

    Diet: I supp more in the morning with powdered protein than I want, but its part of the problem with me being a teacher and having to get up so dang early.

    I eat 3500-4000 calories daily. Six days a week they are really clean. The macro breakdown would be 300 grams of protein, 450-600 grams of carbs, and 90 grams of healthy fats. I am doing at least 30 minutes of intense-maintence cardio 4 days a week at the minimum. I base my carb days around the size and need for recovery of the worked muscle groups. IE: on arm day I wont require the same amount of carbs as leg day.

    I lift 4 days a week, with cardio being mandatory like I said earlier at least 4, and one day of just core, cardio, and deep streching. So I am in the gym 5 days a week regardless. No excuses.

    I am lifting everything in a 10-8-6 fashion right now. There is a at least one warm up set for every action with at the most 45% of the working weight used to get things warmed up.

    My weak point are my hamstrings, I have injured them often and have to be really diligent in training them. My strongest body part is my back. My lifting number reflect those important points.

    I would describe my overall build right now as very healthy and pretty lean. I am about 1.5 weeks into the cycle.

    Tonight I am heading to Augusta,GA to go destroy a Doc of Physical Therapy for about 2 days straight. She may need some rehab when I am done with her!!!

    My gym clothes are packed....

    I would love to be considered for this project because I have read much about X-factor and think I could be a really interesting project. Also the leaning effects would be a real benefit. Thanks guys!!
    My The 1 LOG:

  38. Good luck to everyone. This should be fun to watch.
  39. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    getting some good apps in, its lowering my odds of selection
    Animis Rep

  40. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    im thinking We need more options for logs still jjohn

    Napalm + Xfactor lo0oks amazing btw!
    Oh really, then it's settled. We're throwing in

    3 testers for Leviathian Reloaded and X Factor!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know, i know, I'm too good to be true


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