X Factor and Prednisolone

  1. X Factor and Prednisolone

    I've purchased some X Factor and am planning to do a cycle of it in a month or so.

    However, I have been prescribed Predisolone (a steroid) for my eczema skin condition. I decrease the dose week by week but am told that i'll be on a maintenance dose of 5mg for quite some time.

    I understand this is a kind of anti inflammatory, so was wondering if at this dosage it will greatly inhibit the effectiveness of X Factor?

  2. I don't think using the two together would be a good idea. Either the pred will totally negate the Xfactor or the Xfactor will fuel the eczema's inflammation.

    Either way, I would hold off until you are done with the pred.

  3. Bummer, OK guys, thanks for the advice - no point wasting the x factor, or worse still worsening the condtion.

    will just keep that idea on hold for the time being.


  4. I agree with Bioman. It really isn't a good idea to mix both, as you might end up at starting point again.. And I'm sure that's not what you want..

  5. thanks for the advice chief, taken on board.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Lonsdale View Post
    thanks for the advice chief, taken on board.
    Not a problem! Let me know if you need anything!


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