First Smoker Fight July 19th!!!

  1. Update: Fight Results...First Smoker Fight July 19th!!!

    Hello I have my first Smoker Fight July 19th its, very very amateur, we're wearing head gear and normal MMA gloves. I might as well introduce myself. I've been training MMA roughly 6 months 4-5 times a week. Weight train 5-6 times a week. Cardio before and after 3times of weight training days. Iím 6'2 around 215lbs. My MT is pretty solid, BJJ defense is good but sweeps aren't great and I know basic Subs. Iíve only been training bjj for about 2 months. My wrestling is terrible! I just suck at it... Take Downs, sweeps etc! Once on the ground I move around very well and keep the 3 points well. But nothing special by all means. For my job I always travel, so sometimes Iím home training MMA 2-3 weeks straight and then have to miss 3-4 classes outta the week which is one of my main weakness. My main weakness seems to be cardio... my breathing is the worse. I breathe out on everything and try to control it but I get winded. I canít jump rope to save my life despite trying very hard to learn. I can do it for about 3-4 mins and then just canít seem to move the rope around fast enough or jump or skip high enough. But I try! I do steps and sprints for cardio to make up for my inability to jump rope. But I still train as hard as I can only working on techinque, and honestly rarely muscling my way outta things. Another problem I have it my ability to turn on that angry mean fighting mode. Iím always relaxed, moving off my heels, blocking, shrugging my opponent off me, sprawling and blocking kicks. But I see some people just turn into monsters and get this burst of energy.... I know poise is great but being a noob like me sometimes that adderenaline rush is huge. But as side that Iím just nervous and training hard. Id appreciate any helpful comments and ideas. Thanks and wish me luck!

    The Fight:

    July 19thÖ. 700am I get up and go for a light job and a lil jump roping. Iím back home by 740am, I decided that I want to weigh in heavy and hopefully get someone who will outweigh me and Iíll have the speed and gas tank upper hand, so I down some oatmeal and about a gallon of water and leave for weigh-ins. Iím wearing shorts, jogging pants, 2 t-shirts, and sweatshirt. In my hands and pockets I have wallet, keys, work keys, cell, Zune and gallon of water. My friend turns her head; I step on the scale and BaM!!! 223 ready lbs! LOL I smirk and leave to go back to my house since I have over 2 hours till our meeting. I get home I down a protein shake and relax till I have to go back. I get there I see tons of fighters Iíve never seen before, a few friends and BS till the meeting. No elbows and No kneesÖ. Iím not too happy about it but what can u doÖ New Jersey AMT rules. So I watch some really good fights, my nerves are good, I have no idea who Iím fighting bc I donít recognize his name and Iím too concerned. As a joke I jump back on the scale and weighed 208lbs. Iím fight number 14, so around 10 Iím warming up. Before I know it Iím hitting pads with a friend at a high pace, and I hear my name! I could have sworn they were on fight 11 or maybe 12 but there on 14! I run to the cage a little gas-ed and panicking and see my opponent. Heís about 2 inches shorter and stocky and has some flab to lose. As I get to my corner with my instructors and friends give me some info on him; heís a wrestler, with a few more monthsí exp and has a few yrs of TaekwondoÖ at this point Iím nervous! But figure Iíve trained harder than him, and I have reach and my boxing skills are up to par. So the bell rings and in all honesty I knew deep inside I donít want to get hit, I donít want to loseÖ so Iím going to hurt this guy till someone taps or see the back of their eye lids. I come in with a solid inside leg kick. He attempts to jab and leg kick, but Iím very fast on my feet and doesnít land any. Finally I decide itís time for me to start, he does a loopy jab/hook I slip get hit a lil but not enough to stop my 2,3,2. As I swing the last cross I see his eyes are shut and heís going down, but to my surprise heís shooting for a single on the way down! I think to knee but remember I canít. I go to sprawl but itís a little late and I work for under hooks and cross face. I get him up to about chest level and turn him into the cage. We go back a forth turning until I post on him against the cage and land a solid liver shot. He shots again for that single. This time he gets me and heís in my guard. My BJJ is decent so I donít feel so uncomfortable. I keep his posture low enough to get an arm through. He panics because he knows Iíve got a triangle with his name on it. Right as I go to pull down his neck heís saved by the bell. Now Iíve been training very hard for this fight; sparring, sprinting and tons of cardio, but never felt as bad as I did after round one. My heart was pounding, my body was fatigued as hell but my breathing and mind were sharp. I thought to myself and figured this is Adrenaline Dump! But when I looked across and my opponent was in worse shape to me I just tried my hardest to get my heart rate down and ready for round two. At the sound of the bell I start strong, again with a sick inside leg kick and dodge his 1,2,3. He attempts a front side body kick, I dodge wanting to instead eat it and catch it but didnít. Instead I went for my own body kick and ended up hitting his hip and he shot for a single again! This time donít sprawl fast enough and he swings me down after I try and hop around a bit. I work from guard to sweep him but he eventually gets half guard. He attempts a key lock or whatever I defend and start to work in body shots from the bottom. Yes Iím tall and lanky, lol. I eventually hip out and am back on my feet but as soon as I get up onto my back foot heís shooting in again! This time he got mount! Now I control his hands and try to bridge him but heís heavyÖ very heavy. And itís much harder when their punching you in the face. Lucky I defend till the bell. Next round my corner says ďbro youíve fought such a better fight then him, but heís had position over you 2 roundsÖ KO or Submit!Ē So I go out a little higher pace hoping for his mistake. I land a few jabs, he shots in I this time I back up fast and as heís standing back up I land a 1,2 that broke his nose. He now it keeping distance and he breathing heavier. I close distance and he shots again. This time I decide Iím not going to the ground so I cross face him and heís pushing. I go towards my corner and I start giving him body shots and face shots as heís driving me into the cage. I notice heís blocking his face more bc of his nose so I keep going body, body, face, body till his guard is low and I slip in my left arm across his neck and take his back, sink hooks and he falls to the mat. I bridge, sink in deep and heís fighting my one arm. I slip my right (stronger) arm in over his neck, and lock it in deeper and bridge. He turns purple and taps!!!!
    Iíve never been more excited in my life for a long time; Iíve trained my ass off, and was beat to hell. I made a lot of mistakes and have a lot and I mean a lot to work on. But at least I won a hard fought war!

  2. Wow, 6 months is certainly quick.

    I've been training on / off for 3 1/2 years and I don't consider myself ready yet....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    Wow, 6 months is certainly quick.

    I've been training on / off for 3 1/2 years and I don't consider myself ready yet....
    I understand where ur comin from but this is rather novice fighting. they match up by weight and exp. So its not that bad. There is alot of noobs like me in it. lol But i do feel like i could compete with others with my exp. It also gives me motivation to train and live my healthy lifestyle.

  4. just stay motivated, and where do you train. Seen you screen name had NV in it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by will175 View Post
    just stay motivated, and where do you train. Seen you screen name had NV in it.
    i train in Phila/NJ at Daddis Training Center. NV is just a joke... i dont have much to actually envy! lol

  6. Update:

    Hey thanks for all the informative posts! There all awesome! In the last two weeks of training its come down to this... I have all the tools, a large enough gas tank and the motivation... but lack the aggressiveness! Iím to defensive, I donít get mad, Iím not forcing my will on my opponent, I jab, hook, cross and back away! I lack the killer mentality!!!! I spar with instructors, friends and I stuff the jab insanely, my foot movement is great, leg kicks of death but when it comes down to finishing the fight; I just canít! I know everyone talks a big game but then it comes down to it, Iím just too passive, or to nice! Iím a huge guy, 6'2 210 lean pounds, super intimidating looking, but my mind just can't sum it up to knock someone out! Iíve never punched more than 80% and I just donít know... we're coming down with a good game plan for me but also trying to find away to pull out this angry and aggression. I know this may sound dumb to some of you guys but itís the truth. Iíve trained very hard for the last two months, and Iím confident in myself just lack that aggression. I'd be surprised if I throw the first punch or probably get peppered to death by punches and duck away or go for the clinch for defense.... but everyone says if I swing first and impose my will I should beat anyone around my experience level and higher.. I just need to Hulk up! Lol honestly... Iím starting to doubt myself which is huge. Iím watching tons of inspirational videos and getting myself siked up. So we'll see... Saturday July 19th! Iíll keep everyone posted on everything up till the date and the results of it. And if for some act of God I destroy this guy I plan on doing a Muay Thai match as well that day. Since my MT is very solid and I can only learn from it win or lose.

    "Fights are won and lost all in your mind."

  7. well I reading your above post and was debating on if I could offer any advice to you, because i am rugby player or was a rugby player for 15 years so I dont know if this will help, but I will give it a try.

    If what your saying or what im gathering you are saying is you might feel that you lack a killer instinct or that little extra to finish off an opponent. All i can give you is when i first started playing i was a very athletic guy and considered very athletic for the position I played on the field after my first year i was told i was a good player, but i lacked aggressivness on the field. I really couldnt understand completely at the time, but what they were saying was i need to add some edge and do what it took to get the job done on the field. Well anyway In the 2nd season my 3 rd game we played the Miami Rugby team who considered one of the better teams in florida and were very physical, Im mean these guys would break you in half if it meant they would get the win. My team was considered pretty good in the state, so we play them and they end up beating us like 40-10 margin, I had my nose broke, I was beat up pretty bad, bruises all over my body cleat marks on my face and back, I had never been handed such and ass beating in my life physically and emotionally. We had 2 other guys go to the hospital also. The team we played just didnt respect us at all, they just came at us and didnt stop til the whistle blew. Anyway on the trip home i couldnt stop thinking about it, i was so mad I wanted to put my head through the window of the car I was in. After the game I changed I became much more aggresive on the field, I told myself i was never going to feel that way again, I was ready to play alot more aggressive, I was going to do whatever it took to get the ball, and try to be all over the field. If it meant raking people on the ground, tackling people so they would remember it the whole week, running the ball as hard as i could trying to deliver the hit instead of taking a hit. basically what Im getting at I became a better player after that game. The conclusion i came to after that Miami game was that the other guys on the other team were gonna do what it took to win, so i needed to be the same way, it was them or us. They werent people they were objects standing in my way. I guess what Im saying is I cant imagine the guy accross from you will let up or be thinking the same as you are, you got to walk in there and realize the guy accross from you is gonna do whatever he needs to do win. he is there to win, he doesnt care about you and its either him or you, what do think his choice is gonna be.

    I really dont know if this will help at all, because rugby and MMA are totally 2 different sports and their are some other things to consider. Thats really all can offer, maybe one of the guys who have experience in your sport will offer more advice and tell you not to listen or what not, because i dont really know if what im saying here is gonna be totally the correct way to get in the right frame of mind.

    edit: so after rereading your post i see that your fight is actually 5 days away, so the other conclusion is it just might be jitters which i would suspect is kind of normal. Good Luck july 19th.

  8. fights trw morning! wish me luck! any last min tips?

  9. One word: relax.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. I WON! 3rd round via rear naked choke!!! will put details and vid up later tonight or trw morning! thanks everyone for all tips and help!

  11. Congrats!!!


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