Testing for Performance Enhancement

  1. Testing for Performance Enhancement

    Hi Guys,
    Wondering if anyone knows the testing they do for Nevada and California etc.? I think they just test urine, which if I understand correctly can't detect GH?


  2. That sounds right. I think they test for steroids, stims, and drugs of abuse like mari, coke,....

    GH and IGF are undetectable for the most part so I don't they test for that.

    We've observed that many more people have tested positive in Cali than Vegas.

  3. I am starting to think that the CSAC has a much more stringent testing policy. Every time there is an event in Cali, someone is popped your something. The only positive tests in NV I can think of recently is Guillard and Diaz, while in Cali, Morton, Sherk, Fanca, Royce, Carter Williams, etc have been caught with a dirty test.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Thanks guys.

  5. ^^^
    If your only worried about G.H. there is no accurate test to perfrom for G.H.---yet.



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